Chilling, new Minor Arcana oracle, Princess Mononoke, more Jinas State stories and practices & Kodama by Alcest🎵👻🪷🌿⛩️💙


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Welcome to my 9th streaming attempt, please have a seat!

Tonight we're just chilling, talking about my first and recently got Oracle which is based on the Tarot de Marseilles' Minor Arcana, why I agree on it being a nice first oracle for beginners like me since it gives you a poetic perspective and understanding of the archetypical worlds of each card, also we're talking about Princess Mononoke movie, will try to continue with the 7 dimensions topic with more Jinas State stories and practices; and maybe even more... all of this while listening to Kodama by Alcest 🎵👻🪷🌿⛩️💙

This will probably go wrong too, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It turns out that saying things out loud helps a fucking lot better than just thinking them, so I'm initiating myself on this and attempting to open my mouth (with the inevitable risk of screwing everything up) and try to communicate in other than my own language (which is not even english nor spanish, lol).

*Trigger warning: I tend to laugh too much at pretty much everything and that can be confusing or annoying for some people (as well as problematic for me sometimes), so beware of that! (:

* Come hang out with me every week and listen to full albums or my perfectly curated and usually theme-based playlists!
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