The Last Voyage Of Demeter... London Is At Stake.

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Have you ever aboard a ship filled with mystery and misery unknown to you? Well, I haven't even when I love the smell of the sea to the very core.

Life is filled with mystical imagined creatures and this movie brought one of them to light, the one whose name though roll of the tongues of men easily but is instill with fear if it ever lived...And the name is;


Now, let's begin our journey toward some horrific display played out in the movie.

Genres: Horror and Fantasy.

Distributed by: Universal pictures.

Release date: 18th August 2023.

When a shipwreck was found at the shore of England, things took a turn.

The movie started with this which was a good start as it boosted my curiosity to know what happened next. And did it? Yeah, of course it did haha.

Screenshot_20230919_150217_MX Player.jpg

The movie began with Captain Elliot, played by Liam Cunningham, needing men on his ship to London and he was specific on the number of men he wanted. And, in this did Clemens, played by Corey Hawkins find himself almost on a plea to be among the chosen men but he wasn't.

Though as fate would have it, Captain Elliot's grandson was almost hit with one of the wooden crates when one of the 3 men chosen saw a sign on the crates that was known to be a bad omen. Luckily, Clemens saved him and with that, he gained a pass into the ship with the fact that he is a doctor.

And right then, the journey began with Captain Elliot's diary.

Screenshot_20230919_150325_MX Player.jpg

While the ship moved further and further through the ocean, one of the crates that was onboard got opened and in the dirt Clemens found a female body which was later known as Anna played by Aisling Franciosi was in need of blood transfusion.

But there was lots of debate about how a woman being in a ship was a bad omen and should be thrown off since she is a Stowaway but Clemens wasn't having any of that so he spoke with the captain who gave him permission to begin the blood transfusion.

Screenshot_20230919_150417_MX Player.jpg

But, apart from the crate that was opened, another got opened too and... it started a battle with the animals on the ship but it began with rats... which absence clearly screams bad omen too.

Untitled design.png

And while the ship continued the journey despite the happenings in the ship, it was then that one of the crew members came face to face with the thing that hunts them as he was slashed to pieces before he could call for help.

... and when Anna awoke, she heard the crew members and captain in a heated argument where one of the crew members may be and she told them to leave the ship but... Her pleas fell to deaf ears.

Untitled design (1).png

And then, the war started with crew members getting torn out by Dracula played by Javier Botet each day and it was then that it dawned on the others left alive to plan ahead to capture the beast that had taken over the ship... and, a lot of horrific displays took place.

Screenshot_20230919_145817_MX Player.jpg

Though Ana and Clemens left the ship in safety from Dracula, Anna could not edge forward as she was already bitten by Dracula and so, she left Clemens to face the morning sun which turned her ablaze.

There's more to the movie and if you are crazily in love with a horror movie, you can give this a try and you will love it.

Trailer From #YouTube.

Images are Screenshot from my phone and edited with Canvas

Still yours truly,

Thanks for reading.

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.

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An adventure movie, reminds me of a pirate movie I saw some time ago.
I can tell I'm going to love this movie but I won't lie, I'll need company to see it because of the horror in it lol
Nice review.


Haha, if it were possible. I would have loved to accompany you. Hehe. The movie is really worth it.


This seems a pretty interesting movie. I like suspense, so I think I am going to watch this one out.


It Is indeed a good one. Have fun watching.


excellent recommendation a different story, after reading your lines it has piqued my interest, it will be on my list of fun for this weekend.



Hehe, I am glad it did. Thanks for your kind words.


I love Anna's sacrifice at the end though it painful. thanks for sharing this with us, I am going to look for the movie right away. Let me get terrified abit tonight 😁

#dreemerforlife #dreemport


Wow and to think that I have this movie on my phone but yet to watch it.

Your review of the movie makes me eager to watch it. Thanks for sharing.



This movie seems interesting but I'd love to watch it with someone, lol.

Thank you so much for giving such a nice review dear.