Canada on the exact road I had written about 2 years ago!

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This was a good one! Blast from the past and where are we today? I don't have to go that far back. What clairvoyance I have!

I'll state this right now. I never cashed out or traded on Canadian Exchanges. I mean who would have thought that they would come after crypto traders?!

And why oh why would they come after Crypto! I mean it's not like most Canadians are trading the shit! Canadian's are the most passive debt laden moron's I know! Now don't be too hard on me.. after all I'm Canadian.

Oh wait here's a reminder:

These TURDS just can't help themselves from spending money they don't have. Then what they do is try to go after anybody they can! Oh it won't be property taxes this year.. but probably next year. It's ok! I mean it's COVID-19! Oh what's that you say? You work for the government and you have no problem with lockdowns?

You don't say!

Oh what's that? You never took a pay cut while small and medium sized businesses you shut down to 'protect' us?

You don't say!

Oh what's that? 40%-50% of EVERYONE is employed by the government? Man that sounds awfully

You don't say!


That's ok. This shit was never sustainable. Once those billionaires and trillionaires bought the election and have their power they think China control will get the sheeples in line. But you see North America is not Communist North America. Even these walking dead moron's still like and feel they will get their cheap shit.

Once that disappears, moronic people's sure do get angry! Especially if they get hungry. Where did we go wrong they will ask.. peoples be angry!

Pitch forks will still come out but let them consume each other for a bit before I get involved. Safest way right now..

Small incremental withdrawals.. and don't link up your bank account. Just send crypto to your local GOLD and SILVER dealers. If you are really desperate you can sell silver and gold for that SHIT FIAT they keep printing. It will be off books better than keeping it at a commie crypto exchange in CANADASTAN.

Not financial advice; but it may be a financial lifeline for you!

So here is the stable algorithmic coin. They are taking their que from Luna's fiasco, but like anything they throw out the baby with the bath water. It's Canada EH!

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