Why can't I post?

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Four quadrants:

  1. Equities such as S&P
  2. Fixed Income such as T-Bills
  3. Alternatives Index suck as, Real-estate, Gold, BTC
  4. CASH such as CD's Money Market

Don't they always say to follow the money?

20% Equities: Gold miners, Uranium stocks,

T-BILLS still safest bet. Even with prejudice, T-BILLS scam will go on..

This is according to BONO of the youtube's for finance. He's going through a divorce, so pardon him for long calls.
He say's like moths to the flame people just need to suckle from the T-BILLS and equities. In any case, I think macro is the over all synopsis for 10 to 20 year outlook. Overall is the most defining aspect of a persons portfolio, but others with a lot of money and gambling in the world economy..

He also say's CBDC's are nothing because human beings always topple stupid mandates. I have seen governments fight their own stupidity for decades. Now we need to move on to AI!

It is true we think AI as a collective can do for for the elite. There is a belief that the elite of this world view human beings as repulsive. Much of the natural resources should be dedicated to only a certain few. So robots with AI can do what is needed, while the rest die and do nothing! This is where physicality meets reality. Inflate the world to nothing, but it is leverage that made it's higher lifestyle practical. In other words first world using third world.

Greed on a global scale is interesting. It is interesting because it is just that; on a global scale. The dynamics of economies, automation, and deflation puts human longevity to a sure pain of surviving it's own technology. This is not a thesis paper on technology and it's deflationary effect of human creativity. If the Nazi's had this kind of power...

So moving on, the rising cost of living is what people will vote for. Unfortunately the debt ponzi scheme doesn't work out for everyone in the world.

In order to compete societies have to produce.


So this is me. I like #GOLD and #SILVER. You will not find sure production and physicality. MACRO META? Gold is always gold. Concepts of wealth should never cloud your judgement on transactions. All transactions are physical in the end sense.

It's when gay was in the closet. It was still cool!


The truth is that nasty people produce the 'best' content. Some human beings behave like a succubus

They produce the evil that many will consume.

Some might say by the edge of the sword.

We are all like billionaires being able to share these music video's and pictures. The future is bleak, but it is also inspiring. How hard will it be to erase all cultural references to a more free time.

Apparition of history?

I haven't posted in a week. It's not going to change. #HIVE will work until it doesn't work.

Fund transfer is all important.

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