Movie 43- Ball Neck: Parental Guidance Is Advised


Hello there, Hive people especially to @cinetv Community. I just landed here tonight and just thought I would write something I've watched a couple years ago.

I was reading some posts earlier today and I was inspired by @ifarmgirl 's movie review post My All-Time Favorite Romance Films which ironically are my all-time favorite romance movies too and @foryoubtc09 's Friends don't kill your friends! | Superintelligence .

I actually wrote a blog about this movie somewhere but only a few saw it so, I might as well share my review on here. I am not a fan of these kinds of movies, but my husband insisted me to watch it and I find it ridiculously hilarious!

This film contains material which may not be suitable for very young audiences and readers. Strict parental guidance is advised.

Most of us I think know Hugh Jackman best for his serious roles, particularly as Wolverine right? Well, a few years back, my husband was taking a break from his online work and he stumbled onto a movie that will never have him (and I) looking at Hugh the same again.

Get ready. This is absolutely hilarious! If you do not laugh when you see this, something is wrong with you lol.

The movie is called "Movie 43 - Ball Neck"

movie 43.png
(screenshot from the movie)

So the whole plot of the movie is about as stupid as it can get. A teenager tries pranking his "computer hacker" younger brother, and tells him there is an underground movie called "Movie 43" that he cannot find online. He of course, made that up and the younger brother goes looking for it.

As nothing comes up through normal means, he starts looking up "Forbidden Movies" and starts finding matching titles. There are several different movie clips that come up that were really funny, but this one is the best.

Movie 43 Clip Link Here

Kate Winslet accepts a blind date with a popular and rich socialite Hugh Jackman. When they meet at the restaurant, he removes his scarf only to reveal that he has a pair of balls (testicles) hanging from his neck. He behaves as if they are not there at all, and she is completely taken aback. The date continues and the servers come to serve the food. A couple of friends passing by, stop at the table and nobody pays any mind to the extra appendage dangling lol.

I will stop there. Seriously guys, just check the short video clip above. It's up to you if you say whether it is funny or not. But I am guessing, if you watch it, you will be saying you cried laughing!

(that's me after watching the movie)

That was it. Enjoy!

It's past 1am and I need to get some sleep now. So, goodnight everyone and catch you sometime tomorrow.


One love,

April 27, 2022


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Now you have just increased the hype of the movie. I have to watch it.


Hehe I hope it does not offend you, Luci. Enjoy the movie and talk to you later. Goodnight, my friend!


Too bad, I can't watch the short clip due to YouTube restrictions but I will check for the movie.


Awww. Not fun if you can't open You Tube, @george-dee Hope you can watch from other sources hehe. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. So glad seeing you here :)


The night is just beginning. I will definitely watch it when my appointment with the Champions League is over, thank you. :))


Have a good night...


Thank you @talon12 Although I only had 4 hours of sleep last night. Good morning :)


Good morning. Had a little more than you then. Six hours


Thank you for your review! This seems inappropriate but hilarious. :)



That sounds hilarious and looking at your photo after watching it says it all, lol!


haha indeed, sis


Hehe, pkicheck pala yung link ng Movie clip hihi


Wahhh thank you, sis. I was too sleepy last night I might have copied my own post link hehe. I'll just edit it, sis! :D


Hihihi no worries. Curious ako view yung clip kaya yon, napansin hehe