CineTV Contest: Favorite Film Villain

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You may want to discuss this movie villain in hushed tones while on your 27th cup of coffee while popping Hypnocil like candy. You'll only encounter this creature while you're in your most vulnerable state.


Who could I be talking about?

He's a man or at least once was at one point in time.

A fedora is worn on his head and it actually suits him.

He wears a ratty sweater with two contrasting colors that might remind you of something involving the Christmas holidays.

Give up? His name is Freddy Krueger.

Hi my name is Fred. I like long walks in the park, antiquing and playing the piano.

What about this character made you choose them?

This is the man of your dreams or more likely nightmares. He's the ultimate villain. Originally written as a child molester he was put on film as a child murderer. Either way this guy is bad to the bone. The local town do a little mob justice and burn him alive.

They thought their problems were over until he made his way back to Springfield looking for the children of Elm St. The never-ending cycle has begun and he's starting to pay back that angry mob of citizens by killing all their children.

Nasty business and he is up for the job.

I like to watch people sleep. I've been told this is creepy but don't understand what they're talking about!

What did they do in the film or films that drew you to this character?

The original film was extremely disturbing when it came out. Freddy is a nasty guy especially in the original film before it went super campy in the numerous sequels.

The idea of being stalked in your dreams is terrifying. This is the one place where you should feel safe. Sure we all have nightmares once in awhile but we generally wake up. With good old Freddy around this might not always be the case.

His playful nature during intense scenes always struck a chord with me. Robert Englund imbues him with a certain something. He's scary and nasty while at the same time alluring. I'm not sure what it is.

Do you see any part of yourself in them?

I've only killed a few people in my lifetime but never in their dreams. Someday haha

Would you want to be in a movie with them or know them in real life?

A big negative on those two fronts. This guy is a nasty piece of work and is a perfect horror movie villain for this reason alone.

How else am I supposed to keep this claw nice and shiny? Jaws is one of my favorite films in case you were wondering.

What did you love or hate?

I loved the completely original character design, especially with the dream aspect. The director Wes Craven read a newspaper article about people mysteriously dying in their sleep. The numbers weren't small either. The best inspiration comes from real life.

Thankfully he did and we've had numerous films in the franchise. The original is still the best as they usually are.

I hated the fact that they turned him into a one-line joke throughout the series. Some of the gags were just over the top and lame. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare with that appearance by Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold was notable awful. I bet this hasn't aged well at all if people even know who these people are.

How did it influence you or others?

This prompted me for awhile to journal my own dreams. I'd have a pen and notebook on the nightstand so that I could write down what I could remember from my own experiences. Who knows where the notebook is now, I generally do not remember my dreams if I even have them.

A friend became quite interested in lucid dreaming at one point as I joked about this being really useful in situations with Freddy Krueger. Some of the experiences they have described about this is fascinating. Being aware that you're dreaming must be an exhilarating experience. I can only think about all the fun things you could do while in that state!

Any scene that still pops into your mind?

As with any franchise there are many.

I'd pick the blood bed that sucks up Johnny Depp in his first movie role and found in the original film. You can thank Wes Craven's daughter, Jessica, who thought that Depp was dreamy on his audition. His career really shot to the moon after his first big break.

Unlucky in the film as he is literally sucked into the bed and spat out on the ceiling as if he's been in a giant blender. All the blood filling the ceiling is a disturbing image. Those familiar with how Fred Astaire danced on the ceiling back in 1951 will get an idea of how this scene was filmed.

The fact that nobody was hurt or electrocuted is a miracle. Behind the scenes tales have mentioned some close calls.

I've been told I'm hot stuff but I took it to another level here.

Why do you think this villain is significant?

Freddy Krueger is the ultimate unique villain of his time period. A face looking like a melted pizza, a glove made of razor fingers and the ability to invade your dreams. This is the trifecta of terror if you ask me.

Killing people must become boring after awhile so you need to spice it up a bit. In the earlier films he adds a little hot sauce in the comedic department. Those later films he's all hot sauce and my poor stomach can't handle him.

Thankfully I can have a selective memory and remember a time when he did what he did best with a few quips here and there.

There are a handful of horror icons out there where you can show a picture of the villain and everyone knows who that is. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Chucky come to mind.

I'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know who Freddy Krueger is. Robert Englund has created a bloody, terrifying legacy that will be remembered in cinematic history. Thanks to that original article Wes Craven read we have a lush landscape where this character can roam.

He might be seeing you in your dreams or might not.

I really should learn how to lucid dream, it would come in handy especially in this case.

How about you? Any ideas about your favorite villain? Let me and everyone else know about it by writing about your own.

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Sweet dreams. I mean it in all sincerity. I'll be dropping by later but I will send you a text beforehand, I'm not a complete monster.

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One of the all time greats - the OG was very scary, but really loved how funny he became with each new entry. I support your vote for best villain friend!

I hope we get 1 more with Robert England, there is a lot of talk from Heather Langenkamp now about doing a 1 off to tie up everything (I assume similar to what the recent Halloween Trilogy just accomplished)



Interesting to hear about another film in the potential works I didn't know this. Wes Craven's New Nightmare was a real treat with the whole meta script especially so late in a long running franchise.

Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp and who knows maybe a cameo from Johnny Depp? Haha we can dream on that one.

Thanks for putting in your thoughts as always. Krueger is a funny guy when he needs to be. Welcome to primetime!

How cool is this?




Remember seeing Part 3 in the theater and loving it! Right blend or creepy/comedy as well!


I never saw that movie 🤭


This is a fun one to watch and perfect for Halloween. You might have trouble sleeping




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I like long walks in the park, antiquing and playing the piano.

omg, are you talking about me?

...reading the rest, it's now clear that it's not me hahaha


I am taking notes here. I knew about the piano part, I wonder how? Now I know a little more, yay. Antiquing can be a lot of fun or random thrifting once in awhile. Make a day of it and you'll get in the long walks part too.


Fred tells me he wishes you sweet dreams and then started laughing maniacally. I don't get it haha


Oh, wish him back sweet dreams too {I am also laughing ha ha ha}



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Thanks for letting me know @hivebuzz.

Can you believe Halloween is almost here? I'll be dressing up as a human this year for my Halloween costume haha


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Excelent choice! No doubt! Is not only that he can chase you in your dreams, where you are defenseless, is he is going to attack YOUR KIDS! Its even worst! Huge idea, didnt know it was inspired on real deads during dreams, thats creep as hell!

Great post!


The scariest things are often based on some form of truth. This guy is terrifying!



Oh man I missed this even though it is sponsored!