Review of ``See you in my 19th Life`` Kdrama

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This is a new series on Netflix and only 6 episodes has been released, the next episode will be released on July 8.


This film is a very interesting one, it is about reincarnation

We are made to believe that people do reincarnate when they die, the only difference is that they lose the memory of their past life but it is a different case for the main character in this movie.

Whenever she dies, she will be reborn into another family and after few years, she will get back the memory of her past life.

She was born into a rich family in her first life, when she died and was reborn into a poor family, she tried going back to her rich mother in the first life but she did not believe her, she was thrown out.

This incident made her believe she will never be accepted so whenever this happened, she never try to connect with her past life until her 19th life.

She fell in love with a boy younger than her during her 18th life and when they had an accident that took only her own life, she promised him she was going to come back for him, when she was reborn, it didn't take long before she remember the boy and she searched and found him.

She stalked him till she finished school and applied to work in his company.

The boy was also in love with the dead girl so he could not let go of her memories.

The two lovers met again, but only one was able to identify the other.

The new worker in his company made the boy remember his dead girl who he was in love with and again, he started to fall in love with her, without realizing that it was her love that came back in a new body.

The girl also connected with her 18th life family and even told her sister the truth that she was her sister that died, it was hard to believe for her but after she mentioned things only the dead girl could know, the sister believed her.

Just in the episode 6, it was revealed that the car accident was not an accident but an attempt to murder the boy... It is getting more interesting and more secret will be revealed in the next episode.

Don't wait, grab a popcorn! log in your Netflix and enjoy the drama.

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Hmmm thank goodness I haven't started seeing it 😂
My heart can't take it when I gag to wait for days to continue a kdrama

It seem interesting and it is on my watch list, will check it out when all the episodes are out 🙂


will check it out when all the episodes are out

Seems you didn't read the last part of my post😁

Don't wait, grab a popcorn! log in your Netflix and enjoy the drama.

I actually love the waiting though, because i do not have the time to watch all the episodes at once😃


Lol I have no popcorn and I've got a long list of series to see 🤣
I'll enjoy this one later


just watch episode 1 and see if you are going to place it in the first place on your list of series😉


Haha you're so convincing right now but I won't fall 😂


Interesting and controversial topic. Undoubtedly it has already aroused the passions of many and the different criticisms will be accentuated as the series progresses. Perhaps that internal struggle, which we all suffer from to get answers to what awaits us beyond this life, will drive or guarantee the success of this new production.

Really very grateful, dear @burlarj, for sharing this interesting review.

Cordial regards!


I'm not usually fond of watching Kdramas before they are completed. I usually can't stand the suspense and the angst.
But the review you've given is stellar and the series seems quite interesting. I really love reincarnation kind of series. So I've added this to my watchlist and will wait till everything is out. Hehe 😁


The season 1 has just 12 episodes and all will be released by July 23 which is this month, so you can start watching now, am sure if you watch just the episode 1, you will re arrange your watchlist and place it at the very top😁


I feel it's a very interesting one. I should watch it but I can't watch is right now because I am facing a busy time. I will watch it later.
One thing I should say. You can give books and movies/dramas review very well. I love the way how you describe everything.


thanks man, you can create time to watch it, probably 1 episode per day won't hurt and trust me, you are going to love this kdrama


My main problem is I started to love anime and it's making it hard for me to watch a drama or movies. 😅. But I will watch it someday.


I love your bio, and your nice movie line has now added to my movie list


thanks! you should watch the movie, quite interesting. Happy sunday


I’ve been searching for kdrama fans here on hive and I see you and I are watching the same live kdrama! How good is this drama?! I love it so much I’m gonna read the webtoon when it ends to get more out of it! I also did a cover of the song too for YouTube!