Review of ``The Mother``

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First of all, it excite me to see jennifer lopez being the main actress of this movie... I am a fan of her due to the songs she have sang in the past, the likes of

  • First love
  • Dance again
  • One love
  • On the floor
  • I am into you

These are my favorites of her songs and till today i still vibe to dance again, it lift my mood whenever i listen to it....

Been seeing post about The mother from people's status and @quduus1 was among those that posted about it, he was sad one guy died in the film and i never understand why he was so pained he died until i watch the film too and realize the good guy didn't suppose to die like that....


What is this movie all about?

It is about a military trained assassin who betrayed those she was working for, they tried to kill her while she was pregnant but both her and the baby was saved miraculously but she had to pay a prize by not getting close to her daughter...

All was going well for the daughter until 12 years later when those who want revenge from her mother tracked her down, now the mother who has been hiding need to come out to protect her daughter....

So about the guy who died, he was an agent working for the fbi, he helped to keep the daughter safe for 12 years and he communicated with the mother by sending her birthday picture every year to tell her how the child was fairing, they both had good understanding and maybe love could have blossom between them if he didn't die by the hand of the bad guys....

It was left for the mother to keep her daughter safe, so she took her along with her, she never admitted being her biological mum no matter how many times she asked her, but she made sure to teach her combat and trainings on how to survive, while they were bonding as mother and daughter, she had a bite injury and was taken to the hospital where she unknowingly gave them her real name which was recorded in computer...

The mother knew she would always be in danger if she did not kill those gunning for her so she went for the last mission to kill them all and her daughter joined her as well after hearing the truth about how she really cares for her from the mother's old friend...

The film is an interesting one....based on action and emotions delivered... i give them A1

It tells of how a mother will do anything and everything possible to keep her child safe.. I love their story line...

It is on netflix, so grab a popcorn and enjoy the movie...

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I never believed that Jennifer Lopez could act ooh
I'll watch out the movie
Thanks for the recommendation


she killed it in that movie, her looks, the actions, infact everything, she is good, go enjoy the show!


The way you are telling the story of this movie is very interesting and I am also thinking to watch it this Sunday and then let you know how I like it.


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I think she did awesome in this movie. I have seen a few movies where her acting skills were a bit less but I think those were older ones, and she has grown into a great actress if you ask my personal opinion.

I recommend this movie as well :)


PS voted with my alt as well (all my cine tokens are there :P)

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nice she may not be that good in the past, this is the first time of me watching her in a movie and she killed it in this particular film

thanks leader for the cine tokens🙂