Frey's Findings- The newest this week!

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Welcome to the newest edition of ‘Frey’s Findings’ where I tell you all that is popular among the youth of today! I hope you enjoy this weeks edition!

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This week in the movie world the new horror ‘M3GAN’ has been hitting the box office with a staggering 95% on rotten tomatoes in such a short amount of time. The film follows a lifelike doll who plays as a child's greatest companion. It is a very peculiar watch and looks very interesting!

Another hit has been the new romance ‘Empire of Light’ which follows a romance in an old cinema in the 1980s. It stars popular actors Olivia Colman, Colin Firth and Michael Ward.

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This week on Netflix, people have been talking a lot about the new ‘Harry and Meghan’ documentary and Harry’s bizarre claims and revelations. I have seen edits all over TikTok haha!! Everyone has their opinions on it, what do you think? The new release of ‘Knives out’ has been popular and I have seen it advertised on so many buses on my way to college. This film stars popular 007 actor Daniel Craig and others include ‘Blonde’ star Ana de Armas and Jamie Lee Curtis. You can watch the trailer here:

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This week, I have been streaming various shows including ‘Eastenders' (What's new!) and ‘Call The Midwife’. I have always liked that show and used to watch all the time as a child! Anyone else ever watched it? I have also been loving my quiz shows again and love putting my general knowledge to the test! Anyone else? BBC iPlayer is always my go to regarding streaming!

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This week on Youtube, the Sidemen have released a new video: ‘Sidemen race across a country’. This video is Europe edition. It has already amassed 3.6 million views within a few days. The Sidemen are a very popular Youtube group which consists of seven members who are very much popular among youth, especially people my age. Personally I've never watched them but I know my friends say they are a good watch!

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This week in the celebrity universe, many have been spoken about including BTS member V after he followed someone on Instagram a couple weeks ago- none of the members of BTS or various K-Pop groups are allowed to follow anyone else except each other and their management on Instagram so it sparked quite a lot of talk. Since unfollowing the account, no one knows whether he did it accidentally or what. Another celebrity spoken about has yet again been Britney Spears and the controversy of her wedding video, which looks heavily green screened, leading many to think it is fake and that Spears is in danger of some sort. What are your thoughts? Have you been keeping up with it? I know myself and various other youth have been!

Well that Just about wraps it up. Thank-you for reading this far and for keeping up with every issue! See you all next Monday! Hope you all have a great week!

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The glass onion was fun to watch, although most of the scenes where way to elaborate. Who doesn’t love a murder mystery with comic relief.