Redeeming Love || Having a background of being ostracised by society!

There is no such thing as love, and if there was, it died and the municipality buried it!

I have always thought that this nursery rhyme, which I have been familiar with since my childhood, symbolises those who do not believe in love.

There is no such thing as love, or there is. As with many emotions, it is a relative concept. In my opinion, "there is no love", and today it is "dead" and replaced by interest relations. I also accept that the situation will change "according to me" or "according to you".


The 2022 film Redeeming Love is in the drama, romantic category, but it is a film about the love of the characters Angel (played by Abigail Cowen) and Michael Hosea (played by Tom Lewis).

Although the film does not take the audience to the peaks of love in general, it reflects the effects of possible love before and after. And it painfully reminds the audience of the fact that the mistakes made by a person in the past will constantly confront him.

Mistakes made in the past definitely affect the future life negatively. Of course, it is also related to the size of the mistake and how many people know about it. Even if you want to start a new life and want to do it in a place where no one knows you, the past will never leave you. Redeeming Love reminds the audience of this during the viewing of the film and this feature makes the film an "extraordinary love" film by removing the film from the scope of an ordinary love, drama, romantic film.


Let us return to the magnitude of the past mistake and illustrate it a little. Let's take someone who stole in the past and was caught and imprisoned. Although he has served his sentence after the theft he committed, his "criminal record" never leaves him alone and constantly confronts him in his new life. Let's take someone who has done the same theft but has never been caught, he does not face any problems because he has not been caught and no one knows about his mistake. The place where he is responsible is his conscience when he puts his head on his pillow. As soon as he manages to silence his conscience, he has the potential to do anything. And I think one of the most dangerous types of people is the one who gets away with it. As long as he gets away with it, he will constantly drag new mistakes along with him.

The mistake I mentioned in the film Redeeming Love is not "theft"! That was just an example for comparison. The mistake in the film is Angel's past as a "prostitute" in a brothel. A child born out of wedlock is left in the middle after his mother dies. Of course, the vultures immediately flock to the scene and when Angel is only 8 years old, they sell him for 85 grams of gold.

Do these scenes at the beginning of the film remind you of anything? What it reminds me of is a limitless imagination of how people can turn ugly towards them when they are orphaned and powerless. There really is no limit to what we can do as human beings, and this limitlessness is often utilised to disrupt other lives.


Fortunately, we have characters of high character like Michael Hosea! While many people queue up to be with Angel and participate in the lottery, he also queues up, but not to be with Angel! To convince her to leave the common house and marry him! This was a bit strange because the expectation was that Angel would agree immediately. But experience starting at the age of 8 made her cautious about what men wanted and how they might behave.

And the past that will never let him go!

Living without looking back and without thinking ahead is the path chosen by those who have completely lost hope. This is only a symptom of "living in the moment" because in the memory "yesterday does not exist, tomorrow is uncertain", there is only "that moment". It is difficult for those who have no hope to persuade someone to get out of the quagmire they are stuck in. Taking the hand of someone who has hope is the easiest way to pull them out of the swamp, but with someone who has no hope, you have to instil hope in them first. And you have to hold the hand for a long time.

The character of Paul (played by Logan Marshall-Green) was the one that got on my nerves the most throughout the film, which is a tug of war of complex emotions. In order to be someone who stabs the person called "my brother" in the back, one must have a highly corrupt character and inhuman desires. Apparently, Paul and those who have his character have these qualities in abundance.

How much can a person be disturbed by the past that haunts him/her and the abusive looks, words and insinuations of everyone around him/her in relation to that past? Moreover, how much does the fact that this process will never be completed change the perspective on the future? And how much can the effect of the first sunrise with a loved one suppress negativity? All these are questions that come to my mind during the viewing of the film Redeeming Love, which has a viewing time of 2 hours and 14 minutes, and are difficult to answer. You can generate new questions while watching, but I warn you that you will have difficulty answering them.


See you in my next article, all content belongs to me. @cute-cactus


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