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Hi everyone! This is my first time writing in this Cine-Tv community. I want to review a movie that I watched recently. This film is from India. If I usually watch bollywood movies, this time I tried to watch movies from southern India if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong. The title of the film that I will review is Sita Ramam. This film tells about the love story of Sita and Ram.

Movie : Sita Ramam

Realease date : August 5, 2022

Director : Hanu Raghavapudi


  • Mrunal Thakur as Princess Noorjahan a.k.a Sita Mahalakhsmi

  • Dulquer Salmaan as Lieutenant Ram

  • Rashmika Mandanna As Waheeda a.k.a Afreen


A Pakistani girl who lives and studies in London throws a tantrum by setting fire to an Indian car. The girl was asked to apologize, but she didn't want to because she hated Indians so much. Since she didn't want to apologize, she had to pay a hefty amount of compensation. Finally he decided to return to Pakistan to meet his grandfather and ask for money. However, when she arrived in Pakistan she found the fact that her grandfather had died and only left a letter. Afreen's uncle who gave the letter said that Afreen would not get a penny of his grandfather's money unless Afreen delivered a letter to someone named Sita Mahalakhsmi. Afreen then went to India to find Sita Mahalakhsmi. Assisted by a senior from his friend, Afreen went to the address written in the letter, namely Noorjahan Palace. But it turns out that the place is no longer a palace, and no one knows Sita Mahalakhsmi. However, Afreen did not give up and tried to find other clues. Finally she found a clue about Ram, the letter writer.

This film presents the present and also tells the past of the main character.

The story behind the letter, the past 20 years ago.

Ram is a brave, honest and kind lieutenant. He served in the mountainous area of ​​Kashmir. He began to be known by the public thanks to his bravery against terrorists and saving people around Kashmir from terror. Ram who was an orphan became famous among the people and many sent letters to support Ram. They all ask Ram to think of them like his family. Ram began to feel not alone anymore, he was very happy to receive the letters and reply to all of them. Until one day he found a fiber that was missed. He read the letter and it turned out to be from a girl named Sita Mahalakhsmi who claimed to be his wife. They started writing letters to each other. Then one day Sita wrote in her letter that she was going to visit a place on such a date in a train. Ram did not want to waste the opportunity to meet Sita. Although it took a while and effort was not easy, they finally met. After that their relationship began to develop. They often met because at that time Ram was on leave for two months.

It turns out that Sita has been hiding a secret all along. It turns out that her name is not Sita Mahalakhsmi, but Noorjahan and she is a princess. Ram, who had thought Sita was a dance teacher for a royal princess, was determined to go to the kingdom to meet Sita.

Sita as a princess, is facing a dilemma. She falls in love with Ram who is an ordinary person and has a different religion with her. On the other hand her kingdom is facing a crisis and requires her to marry a Prince from Oman. But she firmly rejected the proposal of the prince of Oman and then she left the palace. She went to Ram and married him and lived happily. At least before Ram gets a secret assignment to exterminate terrorists.

Back to the present.

Afreen finally found out about the story behind the letter. She also knows the fact that Sita Mahalakhsmi is actually Princess Noorjahan. She also learns that while Sita is currently living in London, Afreen also got her number. She called Sita's number in London but someone said that Sita was going to Kashmir. Afreen and her friend Balaji rush to Kashmir to meet Sita, but at the airport Afreen is captured by none other than Vishnu, Ram's former boss. While at the base, Afreen learns that Ram is considered a traitor by the people of his country. On the other hand Balaji finds Sita and gives a letter from Ram.

It turns out to be Ram's last letter to his wife, Sita. The letter was written by Ram before his death. It turns out that 20 years ago when Ram was assigned to a secret operation, namely the raid on a terrorist hideout, only Ram and Vishnu survived. At that time the two of them could have left immediately, but hearing the baby's cry, Ram returned to save the baby named Waheeda and handed him over to Lieutenant Tariq, a Pakistani soldier. However, Ram and Vishnu were captured by the Pakistani army and put in a dungeon. After a few days the Pakistani government decided to release only one of them. The kind hearted Ram succumbs to Vishnu. But before Vishnu was released, he begged Ram not to be tortured. Instead the Pakistani government asked Vishnu to divulge India's defense secrets, but it was Ram who would be responsible for the betrayal.

Eight months later Ram is sentenced to death, but before that Ram writes a final letter to his beloved wife, Sita. Ram left the letter to Tariq, who was carrying Waheeda at the time.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Sita, who finds out that her husband is dead, is devastated. All this time she thought her husband was still living in a Pakistani prison, although Sita couldn't do anything about it. She did not expect that this was the last letter her husband wrote 20 years ago.

Afreen who finally finds out that she is a toddler who was saved by Ram regrets and feels indebted to Ram. She finally understood why she had to deliver the letter. She then apologized to Sita.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Vishnu who knows the contents of Ram's letter feels very sorry and kills himself.

That first made me want to watch this movie?

First I saw a snippet of this movie scene on social media, and it turned out that I knew one of the main characters, Mrunal Takhur. After that one of my friends told me that he had just watched this film. That's why I watched this.

My opinion on this film?

I don't think this movie is bad. I like that the actors play the roles well. It's just that I think this film is a bit boring at the beginning of the film. But the ending was good enough to make me cry.

I think that's enough of this film review. Thank you and I hope you like it. I also accept suggestions and criticisms because I feel that my writing has a lot of flaws.


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I watched this film too, it was good. Especially the actress, you can say I got a crush on her while watching. In the beginning, I couldn't imagine Sita Mahalakhsmi's real identity to be something like that too. And about Afreen 's identity, it was also a great twist too, I nearly got a shock and became emotional, how fate turned out to be like that.

Well, I am not a good movie reviewer still I would like to suggest you to keep the story short, not to reveal everything, you just described the whole story, hahaha. Thankfully I have already watched the film so they didn't affect me, but you have given spoilers after spoilers without any alert or anything. Someone who hasn't watched the film won't enjoy anything as he/she would know the real story or what's going to happen next through your writing, won't they? so there will be no fun left.

Try to give spoiler alerts. I would have loved to hear more of your opinion and reactions over the different scenes and story turns.


Thanks for the criticism and suggestions. I'm really not good at making reviews. But your suggestion makes me want to try even better.


@devyswan1 You have written the whole story with its complete facts, I have also seen this movie in its original language and with English subtitles. I do not know the native language, and the melody of the film gets spoiled in reading and watching scenes. Still, I really liked this movie, I didn't get bored even for a moment, Ram, Mahalakshmi, and Afreen aka Waheeda all acted very soulfully. But still, I was most impressed by the hero who was completely devoted to himself, country, duty, and love, his gestures and kindness were also worth seeing, he did not make any difference to caste/religion. I don't know of any soldier to date who is so emotional and loving.