She can actually SING! Who? Lady Gaga - Was I living under a Rock? My Story of Discovery

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That was a night last Friday! No appetite to go out, or to pick up a book, I checked which TV series waiting for me (no success) and then flipped the various TV channels in search of a movie. My eyes noticed this title: "A Star is Born" and triggered vaguely: "Another Music movie", "Seen it, or?", "Keep on flipping the channels edje!" But, nothing of interest so I started this Star and Born thingy. At the start! Not somewhere in the middle as it currently was. Fortunately, I can start whenever I want since my cable TV guys and girls gave me a kinda auto recording of everything. It's more like on-demand, but then only for historical programs and up to 7 days old. But that's beside the point since I want to talk about this movie and perhaps more about its music.

"It opened my eyes", is all I can tell you now.

Why that is? Please bear with me. Continue to read (orrr scan) this post and thou shall learn the reason for the above line of text 😉

A movie. The synopses? Relatively simple story, the girl is an amateur singer and meets this professional singer. She is insecure and unknown. He is not entirely happy with his life, and well known. He convinces her to sing with him on stage.

And that's when Master Goosebumps with his entire posse showed up. When she started to sing, my mouth dropped open. Not entirely but the drop of my jaw wasn't negligible. "What a voice!"

"Shallow" live performance from the Oscars 2019 - The song that got Master Goosebumps going at first (source)

You shall know, I just heard her over my laptop speakers. A good set of speakers, but they are just laptop speakers. Much later, when I had the chance to listen to this very same part of the movie, over my Sennheizer headphones, it happened again, almost. My jaw and dropping thereof, I mean. This time I was prepared. Fixed a cord around my head and jaws 🙃

Note: You can find all sorts of information about this movie over at IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes ... click the previous for links to those pages)

When a little later in the movie she sang alone, not in the duet as during the moving jaw-dropping scene, this 'annoying' 😀 Master and his posse turned up, again. Goosebumps. Even higher than before and coming close to the height of Mount Everest. Perhaps I am a bit exaggerating. But at least the height of Mont Blanc 😂

Perhaps not the best recording, but a live recording that I wanted to share. A nice demonstration of what she is able to do. The song that got the Mont Blanc bumps heights 🙇 (source)

Still, I was in the dark about who she was. What actress is able to sing like that? Must be playback? When so, the lip-syncing must have been powered by some super-AI. IMDB was around the corner and then I got another jab-dropping moment. Lady Gaga? I couldn't believe it. Pinching my arm a few times to try and figure out if I wasn't dreaming or something. A recheck resulted in the same name: Lady Gaga. I felt like having lived under a rock for the last decade or two. She is around for much time already, I only now realise she can actually sing! How could I have missed her completely? Pfff

What did I miss out on since Lady Gaga showed herself to the world?

I started a bit of discography research. Listening to her previous work. I would've been able to spot her talent in singing. Not easily, but possible. It is the music I kinda know her for. This type of music mixes electronics with a voice and lots of entertainment.

I learned I wasn't entirely wrong not noticing this 'girl' before. Though I so very much like electronic music. Listened to plenty of albums by the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and many less famous artists from the 80s onwards. Eventually ended up in the Techno side of things (and scene if I may add). But the works by Lady Gaga aren't my thing at all. Sounds way too commercial to me. In one way it also sounds quite easy music to me. I suppose the latter is something required to attract the masses. But also that is beside the point.

My take on all this: miss (or is it Mrs?) Gaga should've focused on different music styles to what she did with her first few albums. I mean, when singing in an acoustic music arrangement, with just a single instrument like the guitar or piano, the voice becomes the focal point. And when said voice is used to show its capabilities, I find it is mucho easier to not only reach my heart but to appreciate her singing talent, in general. And not that I like this genre of music a lot. Rarely do I listen to such. But a perfect genre for showcasing vocals and their capabilities 😍

Did I mention that her co-actor, Bradley Cooper, wasn't too bad?

I wonder if this guy sang before. No albums I could discover. In an article I read he took more than a handful of lessons. And a bit more after Lady Gaga wanted him to perform live instead of studio recordings and use playback tactics. But no, he is an actor, not a musician from a professional point of view. Perhaps also a wise decision. Though he isn't bad, he isn't an outstanding singer in my opinion. That said, he did very well in the movie. Acting skills 100%. Singing skills 65%.

For Lady Gaga these figures are quite different, perhaps also more in balance: Singing skills 90% and acting skills 75%, maybe 80%. No wonder she worked on a few more movies. Although IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are full of her music videos, I was able to find some pieces she acted in.

Situation over at Spotify

Again I was surprised when checking the Soundtrack over at Spotify. The two most played songs are those that brought Mount Everest to my body. 1+ and 2+ Billion plays. And the other ones? The solo tracks? And the combo tracks with Bradley? Just a measly 50M to 80M plays? C'mon! Sure some of the other tracks/songs aren't that good, but hey, some are kinda close. Like "Look what I found", "I'll never love again" and "Before I cry". Very interesting how the mass works. But maybe also how Spotify and the likes work. By now, I didn't rebalance the play counts too much. Been listening to said two tracks multiple times already while not listening to the rest of the album other than the two rounds I did before even started to write this post. Owwww, I can advise you to listen to the original Soundtrack, the one with spoken words. Little parts of the movie are mixed in between the tracks, adding a bit of context to the songs. But perhaps, you need to first watch the movie to appreciate these additions 😉

The Oscars, though it nominated a wide range of 'bests' for this movie, it gave only one of those statutes to the 'Original Song'. Wins for the same over at "British Academy of Film and Television Arts" and "Golden Globe" (source). I suppose the world agrees with me 😉

Complete Soundtrack 'a Star is Born', the one without the spoken words (source)

Achievements this Weekend

In no particular order...

  • This Post 😆
  • A Thread over at Leo Finance 🙃

and (now being serious)

  • The Discovery of Lady Gaga

And Now?

Will I listen mucho more often to Lady Gaga's albums and tracks? Perhaps, but I doubt it to be honest. Though she has this marvellous voice, the music she performs isn't my thing at all. Well, some of them are in the area of Whitney Houston, an artist I adored. Likely I add those tracks to some playlists. Playlists I rarely listen to I must admit. Always tell me to try and listen to the stuff I bookmark and add to playlists since I do that for a reason. But somehow I tend to 1) listen to music from other platforms or my laptop locally, and 2) am more into making lists than actually executing such 😆

And You?

What do you think of Lady Gaga's voice? Her music?
And what about her acting? In particular, in the 'a Star is Born' movie? Or any others?
Do you follow the moves and steps of Lady Gaga? Her private life and all? Editor: I know nothing about her private life and perhaps all sorts of controversies. Someone hinted at the latter over at Threads, at least I took his response as such a hint.

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You are right about her voice - it's magical.

Aside from her music is not of your type, there are other things could also involve in your current inspiration with her voice is, most of the people, who kept polishing their skills get better in them, time and age are also the factors in the maturity, whether it is deliberate or not.

Just my thoughts, though, you are way far experienced in these thing than I am.

Love the songs, her voice and your article.



True she may have gotten better in her singing. But I think she was already darn good when recording her first album. But the music style she used pushes the attention away from the vocals, at least it does with me. Plus such music style isn't about the vocals IMHO. However, vocals are put into make the whole package ready for mass consumption. But, the latter is again my own opinion 😉

Thanks so much for your consideration 🙇


No arguments there, the moment she starts singing you feel her voice touching your soul, brain whatever, but you do feel something that almost hypnotize you. 🙏


Lady Gaga - I think I had the exactly same feeling about that singer before and after I watched the movie. And no, I don't listen to her music but this movie and her singing..., I will not say anything else as if this is a spread the vibes post... then I promise (ooooooow a promise? 😂) bringing my response

Seriously? The image went on vacation? 🤣

height of Mount Everest

I didn't know you have that long arm hair 😜

Nice achievement for this weekend 🍭 😉


Yea, images seem to get a life of their own; never knew that 😆
Lady G: Interesting and looking fwd to your response later on 😉
Arm hair: nope, indeed, true...but the bumps, they went up and up and up 😂


Did you find out? It's just that you were just looking (not deeply) = Shallow.
I really liked those analogies with mountains.


😂😂😂 nice one 😉


@edje @mipiano I am not gonna say I am a little disappointed after all I am not your mama.
But this Lady is an ARTist and you have to look beyond her po po po pokerface. I remember hearing that song for the first time and thinking:
Nothing off it, until it got stuck in my ear.

If I am not mistaken she is a multi-instrumentalist and tried to create a multi-facet product by combining art with music. And in a smart way, she created a Pop thingy that brought her millions allowing her to experiment from there. It was a project that combined everything Art, Music, and Marketing this was one Lady I had my eyes on from the start. Yup not my ears, although she has a couple of great songs, but Gaga is first of all an ARTist.

Oh and totally off topic Damn You got great taste in headsets!



I didn't say anything about Lady G other than the music side of things. As you noticed, from the post, I didn't even recognise her when I saw her in this movie, and don't know anything about her, other than that she is totally famous. Not even judging the way she entered the professional music scene. Is a good business approach when going for the big bucks first and that creates all the room to do whatever. I do believe you that she is the ART in artist foremost. Well, fine by me. My ears only hear the music in ARTist though 😆 Owww and my eyes did see a pretty ok to good actor in her as well 😉 Damn, she can play being in love with someone darn well. I even read some news articles about her being in love with this Bradley guy when they showcase 'Shallow' on various stages before the Oscars. Didn't go down the gossip rabbit hole, therefore don't know if that was just marketing, or in fact real. In any case, I wouldn't mind watching another movie with Lady G starring in it 😉

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and opinion 🙃


I know I am such an opinionate annoying little F´er😉 and I am not even a fan, not musically not acting, not even how she looks- I just really like how she and Taylor Swift did that marketing so freaking well, but yes I will admit I had Goosebump mountains as well when I heard in the Shallow for the first time.

she can play being in love with someone darn well

Ehh heads up, most women can🤐

But I did enjoy reading a piece by you regarding an artist I actually know, most of the time you take me miles outside my comfortzone !LOLZ


Comfort zone: Am glad I brought my content a bit more to your home base 😉
Opinionated: Perfect, no probs at all 😉 my alter-ego 'the Nutty Columnist' is also quite opinionated. That said, he wasn't driving the content of the above post and comments, this time 🙃
Acting being in love and Women: Uhm I suppose you are right, but still not sure if this counts for 'most' or if this is more like 'many', or hopefully even 'more' or 'some'.


I wanna see more of this guy, guess I need to look close #theNuttyColumnist


Thanks I gladly check out your nutyness over the coming days !LOLZ


perhaps not too nutty in some to more of those posts 🙃
i feel i shall up my nutty game 😉