Blue Beetle (2023) || Movie Review.

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'Blue Beetle' is part of the extended DCEU. The first time I saw the trailer I was thrilled to watch the movie and I was eagerly waiting for the movie to be distributed. Now that I have watched it, I have many thoughts and complaints about the movie. Also, I don't have much to say about the movie because it didn't give me much to say. PS, blue is my favorite color haha, so I was attached to the coloring and visuals of this movie. It was like I was in a world I have always dreamed of being in. So let's dive into the review.

'Blue Beetle' is a superhero film that is produced by DC studio which is based on a DC character Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) which is the 14th installment of the extended DCEU. It was directed by Ángel Manuel Soto and written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. The storyline of this movie revolves around Jaime Reyes who recently just graduated college and back home with his family. His takes a different and thrilling turn when an alien biotech called Scarab chooses him as its symbiotic host and gives him special abilities. The movie starred Xolo Maridueña, Adriana Barraza, Damián Alcázar, Raoul Max Trujillo, Susan Sarandon and George Lopez.




Somewhere around Antarctica, Kord industries with the co-founder Victoria Kord and Lieutenant Carapax just discovered an alien technology called Scarab. So they took it as it is the technology they have been looking for a long time. Then we were introduced to a freshly graduated college student, Jaime Reyes who was returning home to his family. At the airport he meets his family there to pick him up and then they catch up. Jaime finds out his dad had a heart attack once and that they were about to lose their family house.




Trying to figure out how to help his family financially situation, Jaime and his sister Milagro decided to go on job hunting. Milagros manages to get a job for Jaime at Victoria Kord's mansion. Unfortunately, Jaime stops a heated discussion between Victoria Kord, Lieutenant Carapax and her niece, Jenny Kord. With this interruption, Victoria fires Jaime and his sister. To appreciate Jaime's concern for standing up for her, Jenny exchanged contact with Jaime and promised to give him a job.




The next day on Jenny's end, she discovers the sinister plan Victoria has for the Scarab. So she disguises herself as she breaks into Kord industries and steals alien technology from her Aunty's possession. Meanwhile, Jaime was already in the Kord Industries compound to seek out Jenny for the job she promised him. Seeing her, Jaime quickly catches up with her as she looks like she was in a hurry at that time. Ignoring Jaime's request she hands him a burger box and instructs him to take it with him and the box should not be opened. Jaime agrees and takes the burger box with him back home.




Jaime came back home with the burger box, his family urged him to open the box and see what was inside it. Reluctant to open the box, Milagros, his sister, beats him to, opens it and takes Scarab alien technology. Immediately, Jaime takes it from her and then Scarab activates. Hypnotized but the glowing light of the technology he didn't foresee that the alien technology would leech on his face in a vigorous manner. Struggling to get the alien technology off his face, everything got worse and there was chaos mixed with supersonic screams from his family. Then the Scarab merges itself with Jaime clothing him with an android-like suit. What happens next?

My Review And Rating.

After watching this movie, I just decided I have seen it all in superhero movies and I think I won't be taking this particular genre seriously any longer. Yes, but deep down somewhere I still believe James Gunn will change my mind. Let's be hopeful.

I love the storyline of this movie, especially the story arc/plot. It was well written and the characters are well built with a good background story. I like the fact that the story of this movie is built on family dynamics which gives Blue Beetle a fresh perspective and outlook. Also, I like that it surrounds a Spanish family which I find amusing all through because I was able to connect with all of Jaime's family, especially his Nana. I think she is my favorite character in this movie.

The Cast was good but I had a problem with the main character himself. I couldn't connect with him, he looked like a teenager to me and based on the plot of the movie he is a fresh college graduate. C'mon he should at least have a hint of maturity to his look, a little roughness to his look won't hurt.

Also, I don't like how his character was written, there was a lot of gibberish from him during combat which in my opinion shouldn't be. Also he looked too subtle for this role. I was disappointed with his performance and role but his family members made up for this flaw for me. They were brutal, no nonsense people and they didn't give a f*ck about killing their enemies which was gratifying and satisfying for me to watch. Then, I love how the Lieutenant Carapax character was designed, he was just like a cyberpunk humanoid from the future.

The cinematography was okay, average, there was nothing special about it. Some scenes in the movie even looked animated, especially the scene where The Blue Beetle created a giant sword. Edit was done well. I love the transition of Jaime to Blue Beetle, it was raw and impressive. I will give DC that.

Rating this movie, I will give 5 out of 10 stars. I wasn't impressed with the movie but it wasn't boring to watch. It just manages to be an average score for me. So have you seen Blue Beetle? How was your experience?

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No, I haven't seen it yet. Only because of your review I have this first reference. I appreciate the input. Best regards 😉


You are welcome. I hope you get the chance to see this movie soon. Thank you for stopping by. Cheers!


My complaint about this film is the poor development of the main character, the title character of this film; I am surprised that this Jaime does not show or reveal in the best way his motives to become a hero, I think what you say about not connecting with Jaime Reyes happened to me.

I half liked the protagonist of the family, I am Latino and all the qualities and characteristics that Los Reyes have are true, they are excellent, my problem is that they overshadow the protagonist and the one who should be a great link between the other members of the family with Jaime, I mean the father.

I think this film could have been better written, better directed, could have done a better job and with all that I say that I was entertained, but I did not like it because there are many disappointing things.


I think what you say about not connecting with Jaime Reyes happened to me.

I thought I was the only one who couldn't connect with his character. Yes, I agree with you, this family performance overshadowed the Jaime's. It should have been like that as the plot of the movie revolves majorly around him.

If it was written well, it would have been the best installment in the Extended DCEU. My expectation were not met too. Thank you for your visit. I appreciate your input here😊.


Too bad it wasn't that good, I saw the trailer and it didn't really captivate me, it seems to be a series to watch once, without much fun, greetings.


It is definitely a once watch for me. The movie didn't leave a lasting expression for me at the end. Thank you for commenting and stopping by. Regards.


Due to various problems I have not been able to see anything. This one is also pending, I don't know if I'll have time to catch up. 😆


Aw. I hope soon everything is settled for you. You definitely catch up and I hope you get to watch. You recent list must long now😃. Thank you so much for your support and comment. I appreciate your time here😊