Heart Of Stone (2023) || Movie Review

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Gal Gadot is one of my favorite actresses that I love to watch anytime of the day regardless of their role or performance. When I first saw the trailer of 'Heart Of Stone' I was excited to watch the movie because Gal Gadot was the main character in this movie. However, reading some reviews about this movie on this platform and seeing the low rating on Rotten Tomatoes, made me reluctant to watch it. So over the weekend, I decided to watch it regardless, it can't be that bad, right?

'Heart Of Stone (2023)' is a spy action thriller film that was written by Allison Schroeder and Greg Rucka. The movie was directed by Tom Harper and it was distributed by Netflix. The story of the movie centers around a spy agent who works for a peacekeeping company known as Charter. She is then tasked with protecting a mysterious artificial intelligence system known as "The Heart". The movie starred Gal Gadot (Agent Stone), Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhatt, Sophie Okonedo, Jing Lusi, Paul Ready, and Matthias Schweighöfer.

Brief Synopsis.




Rachel Stone, a spy agent who works for a peacekeeping company known as Charter. Now she is incorporated in a MI6 special group as a technician to them. The group consists of field agents Parker, Yang, Bailey, and Stone. This group is tasked to extract Mulvaney, an arms dealer, from an ultra-exclusive ski resort. During this mission, this didn't go well as planned, so Stone had to step in using Charter's support from a predictive AI machine called *The Heart" that can hack into any digital device. So with the Charter's support she was able to help her team without them knowing who she works for.




However, with Stone's support from Charter the mission was still not successful. Going for another mission to locate an Indian hacker, Keya who was seen in the first mission when it was sabotaged, Stone went with the MI6 group too. Arriving at their location for the second mission, they were ambushed by a squad of mercenaries. Stone contacted her employers for support but they urged her to evacuate and leave behind her colleagues. Stone didn't obey the instructions but instead she blew her cover and saved her MI6 Agent colleagues.




Unfortunately, after Stone saved them, Parker killed the rest of Stone's colleagues, poisoned her and exposed that he is a double agent who works together with Keya the Indian Hacker. Parker then went ahead to tell Stone his mission which entails stealing the AI device The Charter uses. Will Parker succeed? Or will Stone stop him?


Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone.


In this movie, I feel like Gadot's talents were wasted and I wonder why she agreed to act in this movie. She deserves a better role than this. The movie was because of her. I wouldn't have finished watching this movie if not for her. Even with the terrible character development, Gadot was able to bring some sweets to her role. I enjoyed her performance regardless and it was nice to see her in this movie.

Jamie Dornan as Parker


I don't think I can ever take Jamie seriously in any movie. As I was watching the movie and seeing his face, 50 Shades of Grey movie scenes came flashing back into my head, I couldn't help it which made it difficult for me to actually see him fit into his role. Don't get me wrong, his performance was averagely okay. He was able to get my attention as the antagonist but it was still a NO for me. I don't know but I felt he shouldn't have been the one for the role. His role didn't sit well with him because his mannerisms were totally out of place.


The rest of the supporting characters were all a piece of work for me. Like Alia Bhatt as Keya Dhawan, whose character and performance falls flat and annoying for me. I couldn't connect with them, at a point I thought there was relevance in the movie. Their character development was not good. From all their performances one could tell that they were working really to portray their characters. In my own opinion, The Cast of this movie was not that bad but the scriptwriters did a bad job writing the characters.

My Review And Rating.

Rating this movie, I will give it 5 out of 10 stars. This movie was lifeless because there was no action or anything that excited me throughout. Thought the plot of this explores a good story arc, it still fall short of delivering the desired impact. The scene arrangements were terrible that as the story unfolded one could easily predict what is going to happen next.

Their attempt in creating suspense was badly portrayed, because it felt forced and it failed in convincing the viewers. The flow of the storytelling was not consistent there causing potholes in the story and performance of the cast. It was difficult for me to connect with cast as the movie was not engaging at all.

The action scenes were filmed well but it lacked tension that was suppose to catch the audience's attention. The director failed to make the pacing of this movie fast and suspense which would have best suited the storyline of this movie which will be appreciated by the viewers. The director also lacked creavity, innovation while he was directing, I mean did he not have his coffee before he started.

The cinematography was not impressed for me especially the camera and the visual. The ending was not satisfying for me because I felt it was rushed all in the name of closing all loss ends. If you want to watch this movie, I think you just watch when you want to while away time. It is a movie that you watch and forget about immediately it ends. Though I don't regret watching the movie, I was just not impress with the whole movie. Gadot made it watchable for me. I hope she gets to act a good movie soon to cover up this failure of a movie.

Have you seen the movie before? Did you enjoy it?

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I haven't seen this movie and I'm not looking forward to seeing it. I have read opinions that compare it to some of Mission Impossible and I don't know how true that is, but according to your review it is not that good; I have wanted to see action movies, but there is none that is at the level of John Wick 4 or Extraction 2, I will keep waiting to see just the new Mission Impossible.


and I'm not looking forward to seeing it.

This made me laugh so hard 😂. C'mon give it a chance 😏.

Yes, I wouldn't let you watch this movie because you won't be happy at the end. So I think, let's wait for mission impossible together. Also, I don't why people are comparing this movie to mission impossible, like I don't get it. Why?? John wick will always be at the top list of action movies for me hehe. Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your support😊.


I haven't watched this movie. The main character is my favorite actress.


You can give it try. Gadot is my favorite too. Enjoy watching this movie because of her only. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time here.


Asshhh, that's certainly disappointing. I'm also a fan of Gadot and the infuriating part for me is always when I see stellar actors casted in mediocre films and from this review, it's certain that Heart of Stone embodies it.
I hope action/ thriller scriptwriters do better jobs since those genres are quite delicate.
Lovely review!


Well sadly it is the case here. I just hope that Gadot next film project that she will select will be a blockbuster or a fantastic project. That will cover up this lapses in her career. Lovely to see you here. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time.


Vi la película y tienes razón el algunos aspectos, la verdad empezó muy lenta y no lograba entender lo que sucedía, todo era muy predecible. Con respecto al actor de 50 sombras ehh nisiquiera me fijé que era él 😂 la verdad ví la película por pedazos.. las escenas de acción concuerdo contigo que les faltó más naturalidad y creo que por ya ser tan obvia la trama no impresionó.. aún así se puede pasar el rato cuando no encuentras que ver en la maraña de Netflix... Saludis 🤭


Tu lo has dicho todo. Por qué no reconociste al de 50 sombras jajaja, ¿es malo eh Las escenas de acción estaban bien anticipadas lo que hizo que la película fuera predecible como bien apuntas. Una película entretenida y olvidable eso si. Muchas gracias por tu tiempo aquí. Aprecio tu comentario.😊


Para mí fue una película bastante divertida un poco floja en un principio y está aburrida pero después que desenvuelve la trama se vuelve increíble y al final es bastante bueno me gustó mucho la actuación de gal gadot.