No One Will Save You (2023) || Movie Review

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Watching the trailer of this movie, I thought it was about an alien invasion and that the movie was set in a post-apocalyptic time. So I was pretty anxious to watch this movie. Mind you, I didn't read any snippets about the movie, I just watched the trailer. One thing that is certain is that this movie wasn't what I expected.

'No One Will Save You' is a movie that is highly overrated and overhyped. It is a movie that starts with a thrilling energy but ends in a disastrous way. I hear it is a great alien adaption film but it is actually another garbage in Hollywood.

'No One Will Save You' is a science fiction horror film written, directed and produced by Brian Duffield. It was distributed by HULU. It starred Kaitlyn Dever, Zack Duhame, and Geraldine Singer. The story of the movie revolves around a young lady Brynn who is an outcast and an anxious homebody. Her home was infiltrated by aliens and she has to fight for her life to survive.




Brynn is a young seamstress who lives in her childhood house, isolated from the town. She seemed to grief some people who we were not told who they are to her or what relationship she has with them. She is also shunned by the town's people and lives a solitary life for some reason that was not explained also. One night, she is awakened by the sudden sound of an intruder in her home. Panicking, Brynn gets up and goes downstairs to check what is going on, only for her to discover that her front door is wide open. Who opened the door? Who is the intruder?




She closed the door and began to check out for the intruder. Then Brynn encounters an alien looking creature. Trying to be quiet so she doesn't get noticed by this alien creature she steps out of her slippers in hope to muffle her movement but it doesn't help. This alien went after her while using telekinesis power to remove every obstacles from its way. As she struggles with this alien creature for her life, she accidentally kills it with the broken pieces of a doll bell tower.




It was morning, Brynn tried to use her phone to make a call but then she discovered that all the electrical appliances were all not working. Immediately she went into town to report to the police what happened to her over the night, but met a woman there who spat on her face and she was shunned by the police officers. Brynn summons the courage and goes back to her house to handle the situation herself. Will she survive on her own? Why is shunned by her town's people?

My Review And Rating.

I had high expectations for this movie. I thought it was going to be a good alien invasion kind of movie, but it was not and it didn't measure up to my expectations. Firstly, this is my first time watching a movie with about 8 words as dialogues and most of the words were exclamations. I was so confused watching this movie because the beginning was devoid of background story, explanation of character, and weak introduction of the main character, Brynn. It got to a point I began to question myself if the movie was worth my time.

I don't know why this movie was overhyped, there is nothing special about this movie, it is a film with empty dialogue, and script. They said it was written but to me it wasn't because I only heard a lot of human grunting and alien shrieking which didn't tell any story about what the movie was about. No actual words were uttered by the characters which made me have so many questions from the beginning.

Why is Brynn shunned by her community? Why does she live a life of solitary? What are the aliens looking to achieve? Is the invasion psychological, an illusion or real? Why Brynn? When I finished watching this movie I still didn't get a factual answer to all my questions which made my experience with this movie frustrating.

The only thing I enjoyed about this movie and that made me watch it till the end was the first 30 mins when Brynn discovered she had an intruder in her home. Those scenes were filmed in a unique way that brought tension, and suspense to the movie. Also, those scenes were thrilling to watch because the director takes his time to reveal the intruder.

The final act pissed me off totally and made me realize I just wasted a good 90 minutes of my life watching the movie. During the final act, the screenplay tries to explain what the whole story of the movie is all about but fails to make it convincing and organic. The minimal dialogues backfires here as the end didn't explain anything about the storyline of the movie. The end felt rushed and chaotic. Lots of things happened and loose ends were not tied up. The final act was a lazy work that was done by the writer and director.

The cinematography was well done, the design of the alien was done well and updated with a little more design that looked ridiculous and funny to me, but still it was good. The camera work was excellently done, I will give them because every angle and point of view was well captured.

Rating this movie, I will give 4.9 out of 10 stars. It is not a horror film according to the genre classification. Would I recommend it? No! Unless you feel like wasting your time. Have you seen this movie before? What is your take on it?

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Too bad, the trailer looks good and the actress starring in it I've seen her in another movie but I don't remember which one. She works well. Although like you, the trailer makes me think it might be about an alien invasion but from what you tell, the movie talks more about an alien abduction, abduction type. It reminds me of Secret X-Files. I would like to see it.


Yes, the trailer makes you think that the movie is all about alien invasion, but it's not. I seen Secret X-Files before and I would pick it over this movie. You can give it a try. I hope you enjoy watching it. Thank you for commenting here. I appreciate your efforts.


I've seen positive reviews on social networks, but I haven't seen it yet. it seems that you didn't like it at all, you gave it a low score. I'm going to risk seeing it.


Same here, so many people gave it good ratings and say it is one of the best alien invasion film. I don't see that actually, but try and see the movie, you might enjoy it better than I did. Thank you for reading my review. I appreciate your support and comment.


I didn't like the ending, I think it was anticlimactic, there was no emotion, no impact and I don't know if Brynn's loneliness motivated the aliens to create a perfect world for her, without the rejection of which she was a victim.

I think that part was missing for me, the aliens' motivation for their invasion and their "help" to Brynn.


Your comment just made me understand the confusing ending now😅. Still it doesn't make sense to me and i agree with you there was no emotions, impact and also it felt rushed. So many questions unanswered. Thank you for reading my review. I appreciate your comment.


Hmmm, I am still intrigued on this one, I hope I am not going to be disappointed.


Haha, let's hope so too. I hope you get to see the movie soon. Thank you for your visit, I appreciate your comment.


I knew I would find you here, please mum i need your audience ❤️❤️🫶🏼


saw the trailer to this weeks back, and it was a thrilling one despite being a sci-fi, kinda spoiled myself with the ending but it only makes the title ironic 😁 thanks for sharing your review about this movie!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review. I hope you get to see the movie itself. I appreciate your comment and support.


Alright, that's it, I'm gonna watch this movie tonight. I've read a couple of reviews from people I trust and some love it and some don't. I've read your posts before and I consider your taste kind of similar to mine so I might not like it. But I gotta be sure. I will let you know tomorrow. In any case, this is a great review. Greetings


Good. Do you watch it soon. I would love to read your opinion on the movie. I hope your experience with the movie is better than mine. Thank you for your visit and comment. I appreciate your efforts here. Regards!