Sound Of Freedom (2023) || Movie Review.

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"God's children are not for sale" - Jim Caviezel

Deciding to watch this movie was a big deal for me because I have been opportuned to work on the type of case this movie was centered around which was back in 2016 February. It was a big win for me because I was opportuned to save children and bring them a little peace. Now this movie is nothing different from what I experienced that day. That day made a mark on my soul and there is no coming back from that. Every day it makes me question humanity. Thanks to my job I was able to experience this first hand, it was an eye opener.

This movie is a heavy one. If you don't have a strong heart, you shouldn't watch this movie. This is not the kind of movie you watch, sitting in a comfy position, with popcorn, or wine. I had tears pooling around my eyes when I was watching this movie. I tried to hold it in, but I couldn't. I was emotionally throughout this movie with rage, and the wish that I had superpowers to make it all better around the world.

One of the questions I ask myself everyday, is that, why do we humans find a way to either torture or cause pain to each other? It is a mystery to me.

'Sound of Freedom' is a crime thriller movie that was distributed by a Christian related studio, Angel studio. It was directed and co-written by Alejandro Monteverde in which the story of the film is based on a story that revolves around Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad, an anti-sex trafficking organization, a true event. It is about a former US special agent, Tim Ballad who resigns from his work and embarks on a mission to save children from sex traffickers. It starred Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Kurt Fuller, Bill Camp, Javier Godino and Yessica Borroto Perryman.

Now, I won't be talking much about the plot of the movie to keep everyone from reading spoilers. It's best if you just watch the movie yourself without having any background knowledge about the movie. It will make more sense like that. I think this movie is the most impactful movie of the year.

The first scene of this movie was solidly written which serves as the foundation of the whole storyline. To me, if this first scene was not considered in the plot of the movie, this film wouldn't have made any impact on the audience / viewers. First scene of this movie shows how children are drawn into the world of trafficking.



We all know how it happens, what happens and what the children are going through during the time. So, I like that this movie didn't go into actual graphic details, we didn't need to see it and they didn't have to show it for the audience to know it. It's a PG13 film which I appreciate so much for the sanity of the viewers.



The budget of this movie took me by surprise because I actually thought it was a high budget film, not until after watching the movie that I discovered it wasn't. Now I have a lot of high budget films that failed to impress and looked like low budget films. In the case of 'Sound Of Freedom'It was impressive and the outlook didn't look like a low budget film. They made use of their budget well and judiciously. Everything was well planned, the directing style, scene arrangements, the setting and also the location of the film was excellent.

I love how the scenes of this movie were arranged because I got sucked in from the beginning up till the end. Now, that I am old and grumpy. I don't usually like watching films with 2hrs plus duration. But for this movie, I did realize it was over 2 hrs until I finished it. It didn't feel like it because I felt it was short. The camera work was done excellently and each scene was filmed to impact and draw out different kinds of emotions from the viewer.

The Cast was exceptional for me. Their performances were all very convincing. Especially Jim. He was the star of the movie, he was perfect in his role and he was impressive. Yes, I have seen in a TV series titled 'Person Of Interest and Passion Of Christ' Since then, he has been one of my favorite actors in Hollywood. Seeing him again do what he does best was exciting for me. From Jim's character, one could easily see the pain and the burden Tim Ballad carries everyday in his Job. Jim was able to portray that well which made it easy to connect with his character.


Though Bill Camp's character that won my heart over because his character portrays that a very bad person can become good if he wants to. Bill Camp's character was a former notorious Mafia member who did jail time and later became a man who fought for a good cause. His character was brilliant, full of dark humor, resilient and above all willing to risk everything to achieve something good.

This movie is powerful because it came with a powerful message to wake you up to the sick reality of child trafficking. It is a wake up call and an eye opener to everyone, especially parents and those aspiring to become one. In my own opinion, if you can't protect your child from any kind of abuse, just don't have them. Spare them the torture. Sometimes I wish that all humans on earth are all adults, no children, and no means of reproduction. Let's see how the survival game goes eh?

Rating this movie, I will give it 10 out of 10 stars. I will strongly recommend this movie to everyone to watch and be aware of what goes on around the world every second. It's heartbreaking and sad of how humans are preying on each other, including their young. One person can't change the situation of things, from you, the change can start and spread round.

Have you seen this movie? How was it for you?

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La Vi hace tiempo y me pareció buena hasta cierto punto, esperaba más, una mejor presentación del tema realmente.


No sé, pero ¿significa que la película debería haber sido más elaborada de lo que fue? Pero yo no les culparía teniendo en cuenta cómo su presupuesto y se las arreglan para cubrir todas las bases. Gracias por tu visita, te agradezco tu comentario.


No vale, en ningun momento los culpo, solo que esperaba el tema desde otra perspectiva y no tanto la resolucion del caso de la joven que gracias a Dios fue rescatada. A eso me refiero, queria ver mas "modus operandi" por decirlo de alguna manera.


I watched No One Will Save You and totally agreed with you. Besides, I like your reviews. So if you give 10/10 to this movie I'm defeintely gonna watch it soon (it was already on my list, but now is in a higher place xD) Great review!


Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. You will definitely enjoy this one and the awareness it brings to the limelight. I will be looking out for your review definitely. Thank you for reading my review. Regards