The Wrath Of Becky (2023) || Movie Review.

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Reading some reviews in this community made me to be aware of the movie titled 'The Wrath Of Becky'. All the reviews I read were all positive, so Immediately I added it to my watchlist and I don't regret watching this movie. It was worth my time!

One thing I regret about watching this movie is the fact that I didn't know that this movie had a prequel titled 'Becky' which was produced in 2020. After I had finished watching this movie that was when I discovered it had a prequel. I was not happy about it considering the last impression this movie left me with. Oh well, the deed has been done already, but it is not going to stop me from watching the prequel regardless.

'The Wrath Of Becky' is an action, thriller and horror film that is distributed by Quiver. It was developed and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. The movie starred Lulu Wilson, Seann William Scott, Denise Burse, Jill Larson, Michael Sirow, Aaron Dalla Villa, Matt Angel, and Kate Siegel. It is a movie that revolves around a teenage girl who had to fight a domestic terrorist cell for taking her dog and killing someone she cared about.




Three years ago, Becky, a teenage girl, witnessed the gruesome murder of her father by four Neo-Nazis men looking for a key that opens a secret vault. At the age of sixteen, after the traumatic experience, Becky kept evading foster homes which led to her living off the grid while perfecting her survival skills. Not long, Becky encounters an elderly woman named Elena Cahn who treats her like her own daughter and does ask about where she is from. Elena started to become someone important in her life after such a longtime of being alone with no one to care for her.




On a fateful day, Becky was at work at diner where she works when she encountered three uncultured men who came into the diner for coffee. These men happen to be members of an extremist group called the Noble Men. Irritated and aggravated by their bad behaviors, Becky spills coffee of one of them. Angry with her, the men traced her home at night fall, brutalized her, her dog and killing Elena unexpected who attempts to throw the men out of her house on gun point.





Filled with rage, Becky shrieks and knocks herself out by hitting her head on the wall. Isn't that glorious? This made her vulnerable because she became unconscious which gave the men the opportunity to steal her dog away. Will Becky wake up? What will she do when she wakes up to her reality of loss?

My Review And Rating.

Like I mentioned earlier, I did not watch the prequel of this movie because I wasn't aware of it. Regardless of this fact, I was able to catch up with the story of this movie and that of the previous with generous voiceover recap of the prequel. I love this aspect, it gave me an flow into the background of the story of this movie and I wasn't lost at any point while watching the movie.

I love how the story of this movie was told which is in the POV of Becky. Sometimes we get the opportunity to look into Becky's head to experience her sinister fantasies which is cool. Also, she did a lot of monologuing which gave us an incite of who Becky is, how she is wired, what she has been through in life, and how she sees the world which is devoid of compassion and kindness.

The plot was well written and all the characters were well written. Though there was no much suspense and tension, but it is still an excellent plot. If love revenge films, I think you going to enjoy this movie while you have the grin of satisfaction written all over your face. I love that this movie is short, straight to the point, there was no beating around the bush and there was no multiple supporting plot, it was just all about Becky, the star of the movie and her villians.

I love what the directors did with this movie. Every scene was shot with well. The scenes were arranged well to make the viewers hooked from the beginning till the end. The graphic scenes were explicitly done and captured especially in with the God's camera angle. One could see how Becky exact her revenge in a satisfying and gruesome way. The kills were gory and bloody delivered with a little of jump scares because Becky became unpredictable.

The Cast performance was good, average for me, but Becky won my heart. Her performance was convincing, I was able to connect with the rage she feel against the world and it's rot. Her mannerism was funny and goofy for me but then I had a problem with her rage. If she was able to control her rage and emotions, she would have been deadly but still she was someone you never want to piss off in a dark alley.

Rating this movie, I will give it 8 out 10 stars. It was satisfying for me. I enjoyed every bit of this movie and I like the message it passes across to everyone not to underestimate anyone, because you might not know who and who is mental stable. We tend to do that a lot to ourselves. The ending was good and it makes wish if 'Becky' can be properly developed into a series or miniseries.

Have you seen this movie? Did you like it?

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I liked the first movie a lot and I expected the sequel to be similar, but I don't know if I expected something different from the story, I'm not saying seriousness, but something more epic, something with more horror elements or even more comical, but I'm not saying that the sequel is bad, on the contrary because it entertained me and I agree that being a film with a short duration, it helps a lot.

I like "Becky" as a character, that rage, madness and so on makes me think about what makes her that way and I don't know if in the third (and expected) film that can be developed.


I guess I have to watch the first sequel as soon as possible to know how you strongly you felt about it. Some people complain about what you said too. I might have the same feeling as you too when I watch the first sequel. Becky's character is loveable. I like her too. If there will be a third sequel, I am eagerly waiting for it,hehe. Thank you so much for your visit. I appreciate your presence here. 😊