Zombie Movie or TV Suggestions Competition- Win 100 CINE and a !PIZZA

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Ok so this is my first try at this so hopefully all goes well. I am looking for Zombie suggestions, and am really looking for some not well known ones.

To enter all you have to do is

comment below the name and your reason for why you like it! Ill be handing out 100 CINE to the best comment and some PIZZA for runners up, why PIZZA? Cause it goes great with movies!!


Really looking forward to you answers cause I need a good movie this weekend!

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TWD (The Walking Dead) — a series though, not a movie, so count me out if you wish.

Fun fact: some think TWD series is all about zombies, which is not true. It's about 'humanity'.

I remember a line from some episode that is still stuck in my head to this day:
“We can make it together, but we can only make it together.”

It's about 'humanity'.

That is the only reason I enjoyed it so much, it makes you think about what would you do/react to in these situations, and you can't really pick a 'right' choice... I can't explain, it's crazy (to me, at least) but if you'd watch it, you'll know what I'm talking about.


Love that series, the comic book it is based on is good to! !PIZZA


I highly recommend watching the movie Train to Busan. It is a South Korean movie (has english subtitles) about a family's struggle for survival in a moving train of zombies. Without giving out any spoilers, I will add the reasons why I enjoyed it:

There is a blur between humanity and entities who have lost their humanity. There are moments where you will be left questioning who played the big role here in starting the mess . One thing this movie nailed is the fickle nature of people. Survival may force people to make decisions they would have never agreed to stand by and this movie will show you several different moments of teamwork, selfishness, loyalty and heartbreak.


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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

It's a classic from George A. Romero and simply one of the best zombie movies ever made. Absolutely everything in this movie works in an extremely competent way and I really like it because it represents the beginning of a new era for Horror movies.


Hopefully this counts but horror comedy was always my favorite and there's almost none better than Slither. Made by James Gunn, of Guardians of Galaxy and Thor Ragnarok fame, it has plenty of legitimate scares to go along with the laughs. Tons of great practical effects which is always a plus with horror flicks

If you end up enjoying Slither check out Night of Creeps too, it's basically the same movie from the 80's.