Blockchain Wars Feature Length Film Script Proposal

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Blockchain Wars Proposal.png

Here is the proposal link -

Hi Hive Community!

@thedeltron here, and we’ve been speaking to the Hive community about developing a feature-length film that is based off the events that transpired with Steemit inc, Justin Sun, and Hive while showcasing the power of Web3.

Step 1 is the development of a script!

We learnt about the events of the Blockchain Wars from @starkerz in Charlie Shrem’s podcast: The First Blockchain Wars with Starkerz.

Podcast Link -

In this podcast, Charlie Shrem (who is a movie producer) says that, if a script is written, he’ll help make it into a movie. So… we have decided to do just that!

Here is a breakdown of the script's vision:

Since then, we’ve released 4 blog posts and done a short AMA to engage with the community; finding out as much as we can and to build relationships with community members who’ve been helping us with the research, and the story the script is going to be based on.

You can find the blog posts and AMA are here:

Blog Posts

AMA and Podcasts

1st AMA

CryptoManiacs Podcast

2nd AMA featuring blocktrades, themarkymark, thecallmedan, enginewitty, starkers, guiltyparties and many more

Community Review Team and Discord

We’ve also been building a team of community members who will be signing off the final script (to show completion), but this will not be released to the network until the film is finished and polished… nobody likes spoilers after all!

Some of the community members we’ve lined up for the script review and weekly meetings are @starkerz @pfunk, @guiltyparties @theycallmedan @acidyo @andrarchy @basilmarples @shadowspub @traciyork @emjoe @xxxxxxxxxx @dalz @ganjafarmer @amirtheawesome1 and the list is still growing.

Anyone else interested in joining please message The Deltron in our discord server linked below.

We have set up a dedicated discord server for managing the AMA sessions and the community review. This is also a place for general questions and to offer research help for the script.

Please find the link here :

We’ll also be accepting AMA questions on our regular blog posts and updates.

Here is a look at my scriptwriting experience

My previous work includes projects for:

As you can see, I work primarily in the commercial and corporate world, but have done plenty of more informative projects as well.

In my spare time, I’ve been working on a 3-part fantasy novel, a series of graphic novels, comedy sketches, and a short film. I have also written several feature-length scripts that are not currently commissioned, so I’m very familiar with the format.

I’m also currently working on another blockchain project (signed NDA), where I’m writing video scripts for an upcoming platform, and I’m copy editing the white paper alongside it. This has offered me a better general understanding of the space, as I’m developing the content for the homepage coverfold, as well as multiple explainer videos and a dramatised script - telling the story of users and the benefits they’ll get from using the tech.

Our technical expert @thedeltron on has been in the blockchain space for a number of years and has alot of knowledge to cut the research time right down and has already started.

What we need from the DHF to get the script completed:

The specifics of the work are as follows.

The film will be roughly 1.3 hrs in length, with the script running for around 100 pages.

The costs are:

Full-time scriptwriter -

£10,250 = $13,365

Part-time technical community management and research and development lead - initially full time for a couple of weeks while the research is being developed then moving into a part time role during the script writing.

£3950 = $5151

Totalling = $18,516

The timeframe for script completion is 2-3 months, and will include:

-Initial Brainstorming session(s) with key Hive community members
-Weekly consultations with key Hive community members
-Fortnightly AMA with the Hive Community
-Research and Development
-Film outline
-1st draft of the full script
-2-3 rounds of amends (depending on progress)

The research has already started from our previous blog posts and from the community members who have offered to help tell their story, and once the proposal passes we’ll be able to hit the ground running on putting together the script.

The monetary benefits for Hive from this script are exposure final film, and once the film is produced we are looking to have either all or a large % of the funds going back into the DHF which we can work out with the community ready for negotiations with the producers (this is discussed in our AMA). This would also bring more interest into the decentralised world as this story show the power of the decentralised communities.

Here is the proposal link -

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While I am in the Discord as stated for review of facts, I am not endorsing this project or this proposal. My stance is neutral in both cases.


It is great to have you ensure that we tell the story correctly @pfunk, thanks for your help


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This is amazing, I will be joining the discord and checking the links out.

Really interested.


This is actually a great idea. You definitely got my vote!

I will share this wherever I can as I feel even I have missed a lot despite being there as there was so much going on.


This is cool! Thanks for explaining it to us today, @thedeltron

Thanks for dropping this on #PYPT on @dreemport


Thanks @bluefinstudios! Fingers crossed we can get this started!


It occurred to me, earlier today, while discussing the film project, with @shadowspub. During the entire transition and the original transactions by JSun, @aggroed led a very impressive series of town halls, and he would be an EXTREMELY valuable resource for discussions, and the outcomes. I strongly encourage you to reach out to him.

I doubt without his actions the outcome and birth of Hive would have been as quickly and successfully hatched.


You are totally correct... I'm in the town hall meetings!!!


I remember @aggroed and his team leading the town halls, and you, occasionally stopping in to type a comment here and there, @ganjafarmer

but the Town Halls, were most definitely arranged for and led by Aggroed.


Sure.... Guess you are new to all this.


New? not exactly, I was part of the Original Leadership Group of the Steemit Foundation. And directly involved in many early steemit projects. Coming up on my 4th anniversary on chain.


Awe.... I've been here 5 years... So. Yeah totally don't remember you. And the recordings tell the entire story.

It's all documented.. if you missed my participation.


Cool you got my support and I'm totally interested.

I'm the person responsible for creating all of these opportunities well... Encouraging others.

I am the guy that gave up his time to speak so that we could all hear Justin during the town hall.

The entire community was apart of these events. And it's pretty amazing thing that we had it all recorded.

And such a wild ride home!!!!!

Definitely supporting this and I definitely be interested.

Phenomenal job. And it's about time that we had something amazing like this.


Thanks for your support @ganjafarmer, looking forward to hearing your stories from the town hall!


I'm looking forward to us getting things cleaned up a bit so that we don't have to listen to eight straight hours of herding cats!!!!

I forgot to follow you however I did go vote for the proposal and I need to sign in on my other accounts and go vote with them too.

Thank you very much for taking this project on and I have a feeling in the community is going to absolutely love it.


I heard Tom talking on Cryptomaniacs. Sounds like a cool project and I supported the proposal.

Where are you from @thedeltron? You sound like a Brit and I maintain the #Britlist. Always looking to add people.


Thanks for your support @steevec, yes I am from England and so is Ryan, feel free to add us both, that would be awesome!


Cool. I run off a new list at the start of each month and you will be included next time.



Hi @filmmaking4hive @thedeltron and @starkerz

I just voted for this proposal because I think it is a fantastic idea and a good way to bring attention to hive and how certain community blockchains can resit unscrupulous traditional business practices like hostile takeovers.

I can see that you're asking for a fair whack of funding, and I don't think this is unreasonable at all. I would also love to be involved in some capacity, even though I didn't take the scriptwriters module in my BA degree in creative writing, I am a good and prolific writer and have a basic understanding of scriptwriting. Maybe I could contribute with some of the narrative (or voice-over type writing if it is a documentary), or interview sections if it's planned to be a documentary.

Or if you'd like to show some of the passion and resistance in a poetic way I could re-edit (and re-record) this poem to look and feel much more professional.

I share this YouTube version simply because it is easier to embed in a comment.

As I am a freelance writer (insert overworked and underpaid 😂) I would like some remuneration if I get involved, but all this is negotiable.

Let me know if you think I could be a good fit for the team.

P.s. I also attended (on a weekly basis) many critical workshops while in university where we assessed and critiqued each other's fiction.

p.p.s. I'm away until Tuesday now and won't be able to get on discord, but any time after Tuesday I'd be happy to join a group chat and Brainstorming session(s).

Rowan (raj808)


Hey Rowan, are you on telegram or discord? if you are on discord join our server - and drop the deltron a message or if you are on telegram drop @thedeltron a message and we can see if there is any synergy! Looking forward to hearing from you


Hi @filmmaking4hive

I am on both discord and telegram, although I use discord more often and have it on my phone.

I've just joined the discord server so will 'shout out' tomorrow evening (for a proper conversation) after doing the good son thing and treating my mum for a mother's day dinner 😂

Looking forward to hearing what your vision is for the film; drama, documentary or some fusion of the two.

Speak soon 🙂