Film review: Uncharted (2022)


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Uncharted, the first movie of PlayStation Productions, is a long overdue project that has been transferred from the game to the cinema. Trying to complete the film as soon as possible after a very eventful production process seems to have dragged along some setbacks.

Those who play Uncharted games can evaluate the movie with the comparison between the game and the cinema, but they should not keep their expectations high compared to the game. Although the movie has similarities with the game in some of its scenes, it moves away from the game in general terms.

Tom Holland plays the character of Nathan Drake in the play and thus in the movie. The name we remember from Spider-Man movies; In the action scenes of the Uncharted movie, the action scenes in the Spider-Man movie are remembered. He doesn't throw webs in the Uncharted movie, but his physical movements in the action scenes can remind some scenes of the Spider-Man movie.



It could also be due to the youth of Tom Holland or Ruben Fleischer, who directed the movie Uncharted. Ruben Fleischer is also the director of Venom and the comedies he brings to the action scenes in both Venom and Uncharted are similar.

I can think of it as a kind of signature that the actor or director adds to the films he plays/directed. Although it provides an extra feature to ensure easy recall, it will be subject to criticism from attentive viewers.

It wouldn't be too harsh to say that Tom Haland fell short for the character of Nathan Drake. Nathan, who never drops the gun in the game, takes a gun in his hand for a short time in the last moments of the movie.



The character of Victor Sullivan in the game is played by Mark Wahlberg in the movie. Unlike the character of Nathan, the character of Victor has a positive reflection between the game and the movie. Victor, who is not very effective in the game, is quite effective and successful in the movie!

Sophia Ali is the one who gives life to the character of Chloe Farazer. It's pretty interesting that the three of them don't trust each other every time and each time one of them deceives the other and yet they stay together throughout the whole movie!

Antonio Banderas stars as the main antagonist, Santiago Moncada. The little time he takes and the fact that he lags behind the character he plays will not cause a regression in the career of the master actor. It gives the impression that he came to the film as a guest actor and finished his work and left. Quite far from the Antonio Banderas performance we are used to!

The subject of the movie;

Uncharted tells the story of Ferdinand Magellan's struggle to uncover the treasure he thought was hidden. The characters that stand out as a kind of treasure hunter and the games revolving around the treasure are presented in a simple way. The solution phase of the words and passwords on the way to the treasure is quite simple.

Final thoughts;

Those who have a critical point of view and have a bit of prejudice will not like the movie. However, the film, which is close to two hours, progresses very smoothly and causes the time to pass quickly. The fact that it fell short of expectations does not make the movie unwatchable. Searching for parallels between the play and the movie may be the reason why it did not meet expectations. Those who know the game will enjoy watching if they can distinguish between the game and the movie. For those who cannot make this distinction, the film has many criticism points.

UNCHARTED - Official Trailer

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