CineTV Contest: The Mist, a cancelled TV Show



I still didn't get any prize in any cinetv contest, but I have been enjoying participating, as I told you in my last posts, I love movies, and also TV shows. I see it as a challenge to write about underrated TV shows since I watch so many things that I completely forget of most of them. So this contest inHERE from @cinetv is a nice chance to revive a forgotten TV show called "The Mist".

If you are a Stephen King fan like me, of course, you know this Title, a famous book and also there was a movie from 2007, which of course I was in the theatres to watch it. However, for an unknown mystery like the mist, no one that I know watched this TV show, except me and my wife. This TV show was released on Netflix in 2017 and it was canceled after the first season probably because nobody watched.
It is a TV show that I watched almost right away when it was release, I always try to watch anything related to Stephen King. At that time we had just had our first daughter and we had less time to watch series since then.
I guess that I watched the whole show waiting for the monsters that appeared in the movie to show up, however, in this case, the director focused more on hallucination and the real monsters in this show, humans. Actually the mist influences a lot the psychology of humans, which if I remember all of them had something bad done in past, at least most of them. Even those characters associated with ethics, such as the police officer. We can cite cheating, rape, and killing among some of them. The mist comes more to solve moral problems, and because of that many religious people start to believe in some god background in the event.
Here we find another critic of real subject, which is religion.
To be frank, all the actors there are unknown and at least for me, they continued unknown since then. And they weren't so good as well, maybe that's another reason to back some people.
For those who don't know the story but like Stephen King's type of story, it tells about a small village with citizens that have some moral problems, lots of skeletons in the closet, and for an unknown reason, it comes to a Mist that covers all the city. The TV show focus on three different groups that try to survive the mist. People start to disappear or are killed during the event. But if you are looking for monsters like the movie, you won't see it, much more of a psychological horror than anything.

It is not the perfect show, but I guess if you are a horror movie fan, it is worth to watch it!
See you next time


I watched the movie and my understanding was that the Mist was caused by a government experiment. I did not like the way it ended and do not understand why producers thought it would be a good idea to make it into a series.


the only problem is that the series doesn't have a end since it was cancelled to soon lol


Anything with the name 'Stephen King' attached will be a grab for viewers, despite how it translates from the book to the screen.


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For contest posts, you might want to consider developing a blog beyond 200 words - or being more concrete in what you're saying. Your review: "small town, panic, people die" could apply to 100s of TV shows.

Consider slowing the analysis down and building a proper blog of why you actually liked it, you mention your wife - what did she love about it, or what did you love about it?

At present, there is nothing in your blog to suggest you actually watched the TV show - you have a general description that you could have picked up by reading the summary of the show to get people hooked.


Well, thanks for the critique, I tried to improve a bit, I didn't want to tell a lot about the story since we are talking about 10 eps ( if I remember well) or something around that.


Thank you for your Cine TV entry. Hats off to LordTimoty for taking the time to give suggestions to help with your entry. I agree with his assessment: a little more in depth analysis, some more sourced images, and breaking up your text a bit would help.

I like Stephen King. I didn't see this show but I am surprised it was cancelled so quickly. Thanks again!



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