Movie review: Man vs Bee(The Amazing Battle)


Man vs bee is a mini comedy series made and acted by Rowan Atkinson. He is one of my favorites comedians and I have watched all of his movies and I always end up laughing. And this one is not an exception. I watched it with my siblings and we laughed and laughed till the series ended.


A couple, Nina and Trevor were going on vacation so the hired an house sitter called Trevor. They showed him all their expensive and precious belongings and gave him a manual and codes to control their mansion. However, he found himself with a bee which started to stir up trouble for him. In the process of trying to make a meal for himself. He got distracted by cupcake the owners dog who was in the library which was a no zone area for the dog. While chasing the dog he left the manual on the stove.

Since he did not remember the codes and the manual had been destroyed he fakes Nina's voice and tried different codes until the library got unlocked. He then saw the mess the dog had made and cleaned it up later he received a call from his daughter and ex wife. His daughter reminded him about the Vacations they has planned to go the next day. But unfortunately he had to cancel it and rescheduled it to the next day. He went to sleep but sees the shadow of the bee and then he tried to kill it.but the alarm went on.

The next day Trevor heard the doorbell ring. He answered it and saw a police man. The officer asked about the alarm but as he tried to explain the bee entered his trousers. He says good bye to the officer and tried to trap the bee in the trousers but the bee escaped and he tried various ways to kill the bee but they all failed and in the process he destroyed all the expensive items in the house he tried to bait the bee with peanut butter but instead the dog ate it and started pooping. He has been warned not to give the dog peanut butter.

He saw the mess he had made and cleaned everything up. Meanwhile, burglars entered the house and they tried to steal the expensive Items. However, Trevor Hears the noice and locked the door. The next day he sees Police cars come the house and arrest the burglars. He was surprised because he didn't even notice. Trevor tried to set a trap for the bee. He locked it in a room but unknown to him the dog has also entered he sprays the room with toxic sprays which left the dog unconscious.

He entered the room and met the dog unconscious. He took it to the vet with the owners most expensive car but ends up destroying the car too but he felt happy thinking that the bee was dead but his victory didn't last as he saw the bee in the car. He gets home and tried to burn the bee but he burns the house in the process and the owners arrived just in time to see him burn down their house. After that, they took him to court and he was sentenced to three years imprisonment. In prison he overheard the Bulgars saying everything in the house was fake and they did it for the insurance money. He reported this to the police and they let him go after which they arrested Nina and Christian. He then goes on vacation with his daughter and once again was disturbed by the bee. As we all know he tried to kill it again and by doing so, trashed his car.




One thing I really don't like about it is how they made it into a series. It would had been better to make it into a film or make the episodes a little longer.

The movie did not fail to make people laugh as I said Rowan Atkinson movies will always bring you laughter. I remember laughing and laughing till my checks were sore. Also this series doesn't deserve the low ratings and negativity it's getting.

I think it's safe to say this is one of Rowan Atkinson best movies at least in my opinion. It was also fun to see him try to kill the bee and in the process he destroys and tear the house apart. Even though we the viewers already knew that Trevor could not be trusted with the house. Also the plot twist at the end was very surprising. Who would have known that everything in the house was fake.

In conclusion I think this series deserves a second season because it's so funny and I still can get over it. I'm just so glad I came across it. It's a series you can't skip, it deserves to be watched. Once you watch it you get glued to the screen and want more.

I give it a 9/10



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