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The movie Luther the fallen sun is all about a crazy serial killer & city trader David Robey who uses black mailing as a means of luring his victims to bid his deed and killing them.
The movie started out with a young cleaner named Callum receiving a call, during the conversation with the caller he was threatened to go to a particular location or else his secret will be exposed. Unknown to him it was a ploy for him to be kidnapped which eventually succeeded.
This takes us to DCI John Luther who is assigned to investigate callum sudden disappearance, present at the crime scene DCI John Luther met with Callum's mother promising her he will bring back callum. With Robey's knowledge of how dangerous Luther can be, he sort out to kick out Luther from the police rank whereby unveiling out various illegal act committed by John Luther, eventually this lead to DCI John Luther imprisonment.

After some years Robey commited another of his criminal act by luring Callum's mother and some people to a building whereby Callum deadbody was left hanging and some couple other bodies after Robey made them see the deadbodies he then proceeded to burning the whole building with the bodies in it. With great Dispair Callum's mum went to visit DCI John Luther to express her disappointment in him for not keeping his promise. Robey then sent a Radio frequency to Luther which turn out to be recording of Callum's death, with anger Luther resulted in calling a former associate for help and with the Aid of the prison guard he was able to get out of the prison and journey into finding this mysterious killer.
The new DCI Raine decides to bring in Luther's Fmr Boss Martin schenk to help solve the killer case also to catch Luther since he knows Luther than anyone else, Martin agrees but also he was still talking to Luther to help him find the killer.

With Luther's vast experience he sort out to finding the killer using the frequency as a clue to get the Station using the frequency to getting necessary information needed, he also got confronted by Raine in the open where they withness blackmailed people jumping off buildings and car crashes, then Luther sighted Robey and gave him a hit pursuit into London underground but he escaped and murdered a police.
Rodey then result to kidnapping Raine's daughter whereby blackmailing her into delivering Luther to him, She then turn to Luther for help and they both pay Robey's ex-wife Georgette a visit,who revealed Robey's location.Without any delay Luther and Raine tries to locate Robey, to their greatest suprise they found out he runs a livestream called "The Red Bunker" i
which subscribers pay to watch his kidnapped victims get killed.
Eventually Luther had a face off with escaping Robey, who later was frozen to death in a lake with luther sustaining injuries and Raine was able to save her daughter.


I rate this movie a 7/10.
The action sequence was great and a cool storyline but i would have wished the killer's identity was anonymous till the end,Idris elba killed the Luther act.


I Saw it and i like it a lot 😎😎


It is worth watching.
I have a huge thing for detective movies