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It was Friday evening, I was just scrolling through my WhatsApp messages when I saw a message from one of the groups I belong to saying there will be an event the following day which happens to be Saturday. The event was going to be sort of a mini cinema and there was free drinks, popcorn and Ice-cream. Well, I never thought I'd go because the message came in late and the place was far but then something happened!

Saturday morning, my sister received a call from one of our mothers (that's what we call her) asking her if we would be attending the event since her children will also be going. At that moment, we changed our minds and we agreed to attend because it was already getting boring at home and going out wasn't a bad idea at all. We quickly went to sort out what to put on and then we left the house.

After leaving the house, we had to wait a little for the girls we will be going with but sadly only one of them could make it early and we had to leave the other one because she promised to meet us at the venue since she would be running late from work.


When we arrived at the venue, it was a bit empty and we were wondering if any event was going to take place there. When we went inside, we were welcomed so warmly and that made us feel more comfortable and encouraged. We found ourselves a good spot at the front so we can get to see everything clearly. Oh! Did I mention the event was held as a church? Yes it was and that was something new for most of us but then it was super nice!

We met one of our close family friend there and he really made the whole thing quite interesting for us. He is one funny person and there is never a dull moment with him.

After sitting down for some minutes waiting for the event to start fully, the moderator came out to give us some information and also to get everything kick off. We had our opening prayer and after that we were given Ice-cream. The Ice-cream was so nice and creamy! I can't remember the last time I had such a nice Ice-cream and to add that it was for free too.


While we were still licking our Ice-cream, the movie started and it was titled BREAKTHROUGH! Surprisingly, the people I went with have seen the movie but that was my first time even hearing about it. The movie was based on a true life story and it has so many lessons to teach. It's also a movie that can make you emotional but in a good way. Seeing that movie changed my mind about a few things and it also encouraged me to keep believing.

I never thought the movie would be so captivating but I'm impressed with what I saw and I'm super excited we went for the event. While we were still seeing the movie, we were given soft drinks and popcorns with milk. I don't have pictures of them because the place was dark (it was my first time seeing a movie with so many people) so I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures.

I even made a video of some of the scenes shown in the movie but then I can't share it here because it's still not clear. But I'd recommend you see the movie if you haven't, you will learn a lot from it trust me.

So until next time, do have a great week and stay AWESOME and JIGGY as always!

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Oh, dear... that movie is worth every minute outta my time. I watched it some years back, and I liked it so much. You guys did well attending to see such an amazing movie.


Yes dear, I was really so happy to have attended that event, it's part of the memorable experience I've had lately


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 184 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


That looks fun, glad you had a good time. I went to the casino to watch the Lakers game.

Wave Media

Had fun watching the game and then enjoyed having dinner right there with some friends.


Whoo! That's a lot more fun I guess.

Have a great time hanging out Jeff 🥰. I'm so happy you stopped by !DHEDGE !PIZZA


A day out!
Ah that was cool, I have not been to a cinema here for years they are so expensive and usually full of screaming children!
Glad you had fun though, you deserve it!


Oops! Going to a cinema to hear screaming children will be one of the worst! experiences after paying so much for it. I'm happy all I did was enjoy that day because it was my first time.

And yes, I do deserve it and I'm glad I got what I deserved, hehe.

Good morning big daddy 🥰 !LUV


Like paying for a plane ticket and screaming kids on the plane!

But you enjoyed it and that is the main thing and I could see your sister captivated by what she was seeing lol


Oh my! I could due them if it were in a movie, lol.

It was an unexpected shot, her eyes were on her phone most of the time 😃


I love that movie, it's so touching. I watched it some years ago.

It's also rare for a church to host such an event. It's impressive that churches are trying to do things like this


Yeah the movie was released since 2019. I'm happy you've seen it too.

Really, I was super amazed when I heard it was a congregation hosting everyone.


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Watching a movie while licking ice cream and our friends on our side make the complete moment, did the other person who did not meet early attend the movie?


You're absolutely right, it was fun with all of those things involved.

Yes, she made it a bit late but she also enjoyed all the benefits of being in the show 🥰.

Thank you so much for you beautiful comment, it's nice having you leave your awesomeness on my blog


You are welcome, I admire your post.


Awwn, you are saying that again it's making me have goosebumps 🥺, thank you!


I am glad, I make you feel that way, you deserve awesomeness 🥰


I haven't heard of the movie, the title is captivating already, so it will make my watch fir later list. Glad you guys had fun af the movie night and at the church sounds impressive.



Yeah you should consider seeing the movie, you'd love it 🥰.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment 😊