Gal Gadot And Ryan Reynolds, My Favourite Actors || Movies & TV Shows Contest

I mostly watch Hollywood movies and admire some actors and actresses who have become my favourites. If I see a new movie and don't recognize the names on the cast, I don't bother to watch. I know it doesn't help upcoming actors and actresses but I prefer to watch my favourites in action!

So for the Movies & TV Shows Contest, I'll be gushing about these my favourites —Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. You may click on the highlighted title if you would like to participate in this contest.

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My Favourite Actress —Gal Gadot

I fell in love with this amazing woman in the movie Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016), an American action/comedy movie. I love good action movies that pump my adrenalin and keep me on the edge of my seat. This movie did it for me and also made me laugh.

Image by: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0

In this movie, Jon Hamm acted alongside Gal Gadot as a spy couple who moved into a rich, suburban neighbourhood to carry out their espionage assignment. In this neighbourhood, they live close to another couple who became suspicious of them and that's when the funny dramas began.

Gal Gadot's performance in this movie was flawless. I saw her as a badass and fell in love with her. Her performance in Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League (2017), Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) and Red Notice (2021) sealed my admiration for her as an actress. I believe because she served in her country's army as a combat instructor must have aided in her performance in these action-adventure movies and the creators did great exploring her strength.

Another quality of Gal that I love is her smile!


See the way her face lights up beautifully when she smiles? You can help but like her. I have downloaded her recent movie, Death On The Nile (2022) an adaptation of Agatha Christie's crime story and I can't wait to watch it.

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My Favourite Actor —Ryan Reynolds

If there's one actor that makes me laugh so much that tears fall out of my eyes, it's this guy! Even when he appears serious in some scenes, I still laugh.


The first time I watched Ryan Reynolds in action was in The Proposal (2009) where he pretended to be engaged to Sandra Bullock, another amazing actress. His humour and facial expressions made me guffaw all through. His acting was impressive and I like his chemistry with Ms Bullock.

For those who know Ryan Reynolds, you will agree that he's very talented and one of those rare actors that can excellently perform in a mix of action and comedy. I loved his performance in The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) and (2021). His bromance with Samuel L. Jackson, another hilarious great actor, was outstanding.

Deadpool, a Marvel movie, is another one where I very much enjoyed his acting. Though the language is strong and some scenes obscene, the humour makes it enjoyable. Can I say it's one of Ryan's best works?

Who wouldn't like Ryan Reynolds? He's good-looking, tough when he needs to be and very funny! I'm always on the lookout for his movies and never want to miss any.

These are my favourite actors. Who are yours? Thank you for visiting my blog.

GIFs from Tenor
Ryan Reynolds' image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0


I also love these two🥰🥰

Seen wonder woman 1984?
If yes can you remember the last scene where this little girl threw a snowball at her? Guess what the little girl is her daughter in real life. Isn't that cool?
Her smile sure is beautiful 🥺

And as for Ryan, he's just a total goofball. Just the sight of his face cracks me up. The Adam project is his latest movie I've seen. Little Adam lived up to him too😊


Hey Kamarah! I'm glad you love these two actors too! When I later found out in Wonder Woman that the little girl is Gal's daughter, I was surprised. This lady has good genes! 😄

I was totally impressed with Walker Scobell performance of young Adam in Adams Project. You can imagine Ryan Reynolds as a small boy! 😅 Boy did great.

Many thanks for your visit. !PIMP !LUV


I was surprised too. Yea lol she sure does😂😍

Oh that's his name? I didn't know that but yea, he did great.
Ryan Reynolds as a small boy must have been a handful😂😂

You are welcome Kemmy❣️


I fell flat for Gal Gadot in wonder woman..i even stalked her on social media until i saw her with another man..No one is allowed to be that beautiful and so talented...Ryan has been everyone favourite even if you are not mad over him, you have to appreciate the amount of smile he can produce on your face


No one is allowed to be that beautiful and so talented

I know! 😅 She's great and I do stalk her on social media too. I'm always updated on her upcoming projects. Thanks for your comment.


hehehehe does @penderis know that you stole his favorite actor???

i have literally watched i think - EVERY ryan reynolds movie based on his recommendation hahahahahahahahaha

but i have to say.... he really really is great!!! hahaha

have you ever seen um... what was the one we just watched??? The Nines. that one is REALLY crazy hahahahaha but so good!! it takes a while to GET what's happening though! very very wild!

and also - just saw Definitely, maybe
that one was really really good! i loved it!!!!!!!!!!

who is my favorite actress and actor?? hmmmmmm

it used to be Robert Downey, Jr. I really do love him hahahahaha but is he still my favorite? hmmm i don't think so... it might be Chris Pratt!!!!! i think he has snuck up on me hahahah but every movie that he's in - i really love his acting!!! and i think he would be such an amazing person to like - sit and chat with!!!

favorite actress? hands down. Scarlett Johansson! my family all decided - if we ever get to the "dreem come true" of Fireflies becoming a movie hahahahahaha we could not settle for anyone but Scarlett to play Talia! hahahahahaha yep.. done!


I'm not surprised Ryan Reynolds is Penderis' favourite. The guy is just awesome! I can't say I've watched all his movies but most of them.

I love RDJ too. He made me fall in love with Marvel's Iron Man. Regardless of any reboot, no one can do Iron Man better than RDJ 😅.

Scarlett Johansson is not bad! I'll love to see her bring Talia to life on screen. I love that you are dreeming about taking Fireflies in this direction. It will be awesome! 💖 !LUV !LADY


Deadpool and Wonder Woman together for their courage and talent. A duo to have without a doubt. Excellent friend @kemmyb , thanks for this post 🙂 Greetings and successes to you with this post 👍👋👋👋👋👋.


Indeed these actors are both courageous and talented! Thanks so much for your visit and comment. 🙂


Oh, no here I'm thinking am the only one that falls for Gal Gadot's magical smile !lol like how can a person smile so perfectly? She practically stole my heart in wonder woman.

I love these two like no one else


Here I'm thinking am the only one that falls for Gal Gadot's magical smile

Believe me, that was what attracted me first followed by her excellent performance on screen. You just gotta love her! Hehe. Thanks for stopping by. !PIZZA 🙂


Ryan Reynolds was new to me ... I know, I've been living under a stone. Then I saw The Hitman's Bodyguard, I might watch it again, it was so silly. I'm looking forward to Red Notice ... it has these two and Dwayne Johnson (I did know who he was).


The Hitman's Bodyguard is a hilarious and cool way to be introduced to Ryan Reynolds! 😅 There's a sequel to it titled The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. I hope you watch it. Very funny. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson were full of it in the movie. Haha. !PIZZA !CTP

De Gal Gadot no puedo decir nada porque no he visto ninguna de sus películas aunque sea una de las mujeres más hermosas que existan a mi parecer, si puedes creerlo, pero Ryan Reynolds sí he tenido la oportunidad de mirar algunas de sus interpretaciones y aunque no puedo decir que es uno de mis favoritos, me encantó su participación en la película de La Propuesta (2009) junto a Sandra Bullock. Estas son excelentes elecciones.
Of Gal Gadot I can't say anything because I haven't seen any of her movies even though she is one of the most beautiful women out there in my opinion, if you can believe it, but Ryan Reynolds I have had the opportunity to watch some of his performances and although I can't say he is one of my favorites, I loved his participation in the movie The Proposal (2009) with Sandra Bullock. These are excellent choices.

Oh, I can’t believe that your favorite actress is the same as mine? WoW coincidence
But, I’m not a great Ryan Reynolds fan, so sorry 😐
So many shows, so many great moments.
Thank you @kemmyb for making our team ROCK! Here’s to u 🥂🍾🥂🍾❤️


You obviously got taste.
The only Gal Gadot’s movie I’ve seen is red notice and she’s really great plus I love her voice so much.
As for Ryan Reynolds, we might fight on that one because he is also my favorite!


It's impossible to watch Gal Gadot and not fall in love with her, I read that after working on Fast and Furious she wasn't getting roles she liked and was on the verge of giving up as an actress, that's when she got the role of Wonder Woman. Easily, I can spend all day watching her smile.
Reinolds is on my list of most entertaining actors, no matter how bad or good the movie is, if he's in it I know I'm going to have a good time.
For me, as actors, both are within the average, but more than acting, they transmit "something" that hypnotizes, attracts, that "something" that few people have and that's why they are so attractive and enjoyable.


Ryan Reynolds for me is already a living legend. Boy is good and put his name or face on anything and I'll watch it. Gal Galdot's smile is heart melting. And her accent is to die for.

You stole this two from my heart


Arghhh... Wonder woman with the giggles! Lol. She fine ooooo.

Have she been in any other role that is just as prolific as her wonder woman character? I wouldn't know that much because I don't know much about American movies. Haha. But I believe our Box office lady will have the info 😂.

As for Ryan, he is such an amazing actor. Deadpool is his first and only project I've seen so far and I love every bit of his performance in it.

Thanks for sharing this on DreemPort.


La actriz no la conozco mucho pero el actor Ryan Reynolds me encantó cómo interpreta sus personajes el trabajo con Sandra Bullock en una película que mu gusto muchísimo se llama la propuesta demasiado buena excelente elección


Good choices, @kemmyb. I'm definitely a fan of Ryan's, and what woman wouldn't be a fan of Wonder Woman herself? Hehehehe!

I haven't seen "Keeping Up with the Jones" so thanks for the recommendation. I checked out the trailer, and really like Isla Fisher so will be giving it a viewing very soon. :)

I'll have to think about who mine are. It's a hard one because there are so many great actors. I guess my longest-standing faves would have to be Doris Day and James Stewart but, and this is why this question is so hard, they are of their time so I'd probably have to break my favourites into different eras of cinematic history.

Who knows, I may give the Movies & TV Shows Contest a go, while I think about it. 😊


Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds are very good at what they do and are favorites of many, you have done wonderfully outlining their roles in many movies, great job.


These are two actors with a long way in the movies :D

The movie I liked the most re Reynolds was protecting the enemy from 2012, a movie where Ryan acts like a rookie and is pushed to the limit, a true work of art.



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Well Ryan Reynolds is certainly popular with the ladies!

Happy Wednesday Kemmy B. this is one half of The Charming Rascals popping in for the dreemport ecency challenge to see how you are getting on? Day 3 of week 1 already! How are you enjoying it? It is fun as usual I think😁 Have a great rest of your day and let's do this💪


I love Ryan Reynolds. I have seen so many of his movies. He is a fantastic actor and he interprets his roles perfectly. As for Gal, I wonder if I have watched any of her movies although you mentioned she acted wonder woman and I have seen that movie. Perhaps the fact that I haven't seen too many of her movies is the reason why she doesn't look familiar to me..

Great review by the way.


I don't know much about actors and actresses as I watch movies very less often. I watched justice league and yes I admired the wonder woman.

Why do you still laugh seeing your favorite actor in a serious role. I don't think he is a clown. Hehe.

You know where I came from. ..... the dreemport


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Hey @kemmyb

Ryan Reynolds is my all time favorite Hollywood actor, I've watched his all movies and he's literally made for comedy movies i can't stop laugh every time i see his movie it increase my love for him

Gal Gadot is also awesome to be honest

Glad to found someone who also have favorite celebrity in common, came via dreemport

Thanks for sharing!


I really like Ryan Reinolds, I think he's an excellent actor. From Gal Gador, I can say that I loved his role as Wonder Woman, very beautiful, although exaggerated in the plot. And AntMan or DeadPool are two fabulous movies, especially the anti-hero ones, my daughter loves that character and we laugh a lot every time we see them.
Cinema is a way to continue being dreamers and sharing it on Hive is unique. Excellent dreamer.

Me gusta mucho Ryan Reinolds, considero que es un actor excelente. De Gal Gador, puedo decir que me encanto su papel como Wonder Woman, muy hermosa, aunque exagerados en la trama. Y AntMan o DeadPool son dos películas fabulosas, sobre todo las de la anti heroe, a mi hija le fascina ese personaje y reímos mucho cada vez que las vemos.
El cine es una manera de seguir siendo unos soñadores y compartirlo en Hive es único. Excelente soñador.


Gal Gadot is my crush, her sympathy and charisma is very overwhelming. His performances are always great.


He's extremely funny, if i'm looking for comedy Ryan is my "go to" guy definetely, now Gal i will so agree you cant help but to fall inlove instantly with her smile, your gif pretty much sums it all :), good luck!