Heartstopping And Exhilarating! —Review Of Beast (2022)



I know I have gushed about how I like thrillers but Beast (2022) starring the ruggedly handsome Idris Elba is one of the best I have watched in 2022! Like the title says, this movie is heart-stopping and exhilarating.

In this American thriller/adventure flick, Idris Elba (Nate Samuels) plays a doctor, father of two teenage girls and grieving widower. His wife recently passed and before she did, they were separated. To rekindle his relationship with his daughters who are unhappy with how things ended between their parents, they travel to visit a South African wildlife reserve.

Arriving there, Nate's old friend, Martin, picks them up and takes them home to settle in. The following morning is sightseeing time…which quickly becomes a nightmare in broad daylight in the heart of the jungle!

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I've never been to a wildlife reserve before but from the little documentaries I have watched on the Discovery Channel and NatGeo channel, I believe that it's very dangerous in the wild, especially for human beings. It's the law of survival of the strongest and this movie displayed it perfectly.

Each scene was electrifying, especially the ones where the rogue lion pursued Idris Elba and his girls. I was literally on the edge of my seat and jumped whenever the lion pounced. The visual effects were smooth and so real. I loved the display of the gorgeous views of the South African wildlife and other sceneries.

The cast had great chemistry and their performance was outstanding, especially Idris Elba. The scene where he lures the lion into the other Pride's land and fights it was touching. He displayed a father who would give his life to save his daughters.

I appreciate that this movie covers the negative effect of poachers hunting the animal kingdom for financial gains. It's just wrong because these animals have feelings as well. The lion was out for blood because its pride was hunted and killed by the poaches. Poaching sends some species of animals to extinction.

Irrelevant Dream Sequences

The one part I find fault with is the dream sequences. I understand the writer and director are aiming for a kind of, I don't know, spiritual connection between Dr Nate and his deceased wife. However, I don't agree with the dream scenes interpolated a few times into the movie. It makes a viewer wonder whether it's a fantasy/thriller or mainly thriller/adventure.

More so, the dream scenes do not affect the plot of the film. Particularly the final dream scene where we see a woman crowned like a queen and flanked by some women. I assume the crowned woman is Nate's deceased wife. Of what relevance is this scene to the storyline? It does nothing to help the characters survive or escape the rogue carnivore.

In my opinion, the movie would do great without those scenes.

All in all, it's a great thriller and I recommend you watch it this weekend.

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Other images are screenshots from the movie


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I absolutely love Idris😍. All his films are a banger, saw this film trailer too, haven't watched it though 🤧


Ah, you should watch it. I love all of Idris' films. The guy is great at acting or maybe it's because he's good-looking? 🤭😄
Thanks for reading. !PIZZA


Sounds like a fun movie and with Idris Elba in it, it is bound to be exhilarating. I guess it's worth a try this weekend


It's definitely worth watching. I enjoyed it. 🙂


Thanks for the review! Interesting to mention these irrelevant scenes! Sometimes directors screw a movie adding them

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I know! Maybe they believe the dream scenes will help make the main characters relatable, I'm not sure.

Many thanks for your visit and 1up. 🙂


OH man! I don't know if my heart can take it!


Haha! There are some scenes that felt like the lion will jump out of the screen. 😄 I'm sure your heart can it. You'll enjoy it. Thanks for your visit. 🙂


Sounds like one for the big screen so you can get the full effect!



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Sounds like a lot of fun!

Not sure about the dream sequences, I hadn't read about any of them in previous reviews.


Sounds like a real thriller. I will put it on my list. Thanks for the information.