D.P. Season 2: What Dah?

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D.P. is a term in the Korean military which stands for a team called Deserter Pursuit team. They are like military police but most of their work is done outside the military camp territory. The main work of anyone in a D.P. team is to hunt down those who desert their military camp. I guess you can already imagine what this show is about.

The first season of the show which was released in 2021 hit hard with the reality of what goes on in the military. I never knew or anticipated the coming of a second season, but I was delighted when approval was given for a second season. Boy... I finished watching the second season of this show two weeks ago and I'm genuinely caught off guard by the quality of the second season of this show.


Drama: D.P. Season 2

Genre: Action, Military, Drama

Network: Netflix

Episodes: 6

Release Date: July 28, 2023

Despite having the same rating of 8.9 as the first season as highlighted on AsianWiki, the viewership of the first season appears to be above 5X of this second season of the show. You can make a case about the fact that this one is still new on-screen compared to the first season which was aired in 2021. However, I won't be surprised if this new season of the show gets a very low viewership.

The first reason for the drop in viewership is the fact that Kdrama fans are not yet fully into the idea of getting additional seasons of a show. I mean, we've all been enjoying shows that come in full without any talk of a second season and we love it that way. Once in a while, we see shows like Alchemy of Soul which fans anticipate their season season but it still doesn't take away the feeling of doubt we have whenever we fit the second season of Kdramas to our watchlist.

The second reason for the drop in viewership is most likely due to the reviews that are already shared by netizens about the second season of this show. I saw a couple of those reviews and I thought people were being too much with their poor rating of the show. Now that I've 'managed' to finish the second season of the show, I just can't believe that I'm saying this; this second season is no match for the first one.


I just don't get it. 2021 is far but I still remember what I did in 2008 so, 2021 isn't that far in comparison. I remember the excitement I felt watching each episode of the first season of the show. The story was eye-opening, and interesting and successfully pulled the emotional strings of viewers.

This second season didn't give me that feeling. It felt too slow from the very first episode and all their attempt to get viewers emotional about the dirty business going on in the military felt too forced and uncaptivating. The villains though... I love when villains are charismatic, but the bunch of villains in this season of the show lacked the persona to make viewers feel spiteful towards their character.

I don't approve of this season of the show. And, I don't even know who to blame for the uninspiring storyline. This second season of the show just doesn't tick the box for me.

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Going to watch this. Well, you've written it, the villains are not much for me to be spiteful of their character. I need some of this but not too much. Thank you for sharing 😊


Haha... The show has two seasons and it's an eyeopener about Korea's military service. Hehe. Check it out and enjoy. Hehe


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