Hospital Playlist: A Kdrama that raised the bar really high.

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I've always believed that a good TV show will attract a lot of views although I can count a whole lot of TV shows that their views count doesn't justify the quality of the show. This particular show got viewers excited and I must say that they deserve the high views they got both nationally and internationally.


Drama: Hospital Playlist

Genres: Friendship, Life, Drama, Medical

Network: tvN & Netflix

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 24 (12 episodes for each season)

Release Date: 2020-2021

By first look, you will probably have questions about what's there to enjoy in a show about a bunch of surgeons in their 40s and the series of activities that punctuated their lifestyle. If you are not a big fan of hospital shows, you will probably be ditching this immediately you see the title of the show. I know this because that's exactly what I did when it was first released in 2020.

In my defence, "I never thought this would be good". Haha. Thankfully, I recently made up my mind to check it out and I'm still very surprised by each episode of this show and the different dynamics of life that was explored by the screenwriter.

Hospital Playlist is a medical drama that tells the story of Doctors, Nurses, Patients and their guardians in a hospital. The story highlights 5 doctors who have been friends for 20 years... A friendship that started during their days in medical school until they all graduated and are currently working in the same hospital.

The story lets viewers into the daily life of these doctors in the hospital and how the dynamic in their character affects the relationships they have within and outside their workplace. These group of friends also formed a band group together where each of them plays a very important part as keyboardist, Pianist, Drummer, Guitarist and Vocalist.


Seriously, even as a foreigner who can't speak Korean language to save my life, I never fast-forwarded any scene where they were doing their band rehearsal. And, there was a whole lot of that in the show. I can't recall if they had band rehearsal in each episode of the show, but I'm sure they had at least 12 moments where they did band rehearsal in the whole 24 episodes of the show.

The songs they rehearsed in each episode aren't some random songs. The writer did a good job of picking songs that suit the moment. For example, when an episode is focused on being resilient, the song they will release will be a song that matches the theme of that moment. Also, when the series of events happening is about quality of life, they rehearse a song that tallies with that.

Here is a scene from one of their band rehearsals in the show.

I believe the reason why I'm choosing to highlight this scene is quite clear. It's an English song. Haha. That's the only English song that was rehearsed by them. The theme for this is Rock and roll, and they killed it. Haha. I even highlighted the original song in one of my recent #ttt posts.

This show didn't have any fighting scene or crazy serial killer plot. You know, I'm all about those sorts of shows and how they explore the dark side of life. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this show and every bit of humour that was delivered by the characters. I'm really curious about the sort of relationship each of these characters have with each other in real life. I don't think the relationship they displayed onscreen is mere acting. Their chemistry is awesome.

If you need something to watch with your family or loved ones, I suggest you fit this into your watchlist. It's worth every minute spent on it. I rate this show very high and I won't be ending this without giving a shout-out to the kid actors.


My boy, U-ju, has a lot of potential in acting. The boy executed his cute son role so well and the chemistry he has with other characters around him is insanely adorable. The boy will be a superstar.

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The YouTube video is taken from Netflix-K's main account.
All Images are taken from the gallery section of the show on MyDramaList

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 179 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


Okay, I think I'm going to have it downloaded and see already.
I had the first episode downloaded some time ago but somehow, I couldn't get past the first scene.

Now I'm seeing that I will be missing out if I don't see it 😅
Thanks for the review.


Haha... I was holding myself back from dropping a spoiler in the review. The show is really good. It's one of those Kdramas that the name will chase you away, but it's actually really good. Like, super good and very funny. Haha. Also very mature with lots of life lessons.

In addition to this, I think you can check out Moving. It's a superhero Kdrama, released by Disney+. Hehe.


What?! A superhero kdrama? 😅 I'm definitely going to see it. Thanks


Haha... Seriously, don't sleep on that. Haha. The full 20 episodes are already out. The show is getting a lot of international attention and the budget on it was really huge.

I'm taking my sweet time to dish out kdrama reviews. Haha. Reviewing that will likely happen next month. Lol.

When you watch it, I will like to know what you think about Koreans adventure into super hero shows. Haha.


Sure, I'll see it and get back to you. Might give a review on it too hehe.


Nice. That will help draw more attention to the show. They sure deserve every attention they are getting. Haha

Well Done 👍


This blog of your made me interested to it. It reminds me of Grey's Anatomy.


Haha... Grey Anatomy is quite popular. I haven't seen it though. Hehe.


You've got to see it, it is groundbreaking.