Scary Movie Lovers 🧒? Y'all are a different breed of Cinephiles.

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In my two decades of being a movie lover and a Cinephile, I've heard about all sorts of movies and seen even more. As my love for what happens on-screen grew bigger, my taste in movies and tvshows has also experienced some changes in some areas despite being the same in some other areas.

During my childhood, I usually woke up in the middle of the night to watch movies with my Mum. Haha. She's a busy woman who's doing so much to run her fashion designing business in addition to the hectic and adorable role of motherhood. Despite her busyness, she also likes to watch Movies. So, whenever she's done with her work for the day and we get lucky enough to have electricity, we glue our eyes to the screen and watch Nollywood movies until very late at night.

Of course, that was when Nollywood was still doing really good movies. I enjoyed those back then and I don't know why I no longer fancy any Nollywood production. Maybe it's because I was a young chap then and I was happy to watch anything on-screen. For the record, the last time I watched any Nollywood production was back in 2009 so I can't objectively speak for or against the quality of their recent projects. I just don't feel enthusiastic to check them out.

At this very moment, I've become very selective about what I watch and I enjoy being in that bubble where I enjoy only the TV shows that whet my appetite. I like to watch Kdrama projects and I often go for the ones that have action in them. I also enjoy Kdramas about Business, Politics, History, Crime and Investigation. I also watch bits of British, Italian, and Spanish shows if they are themed about relevant historical Events.

What about horror shows?


I've never really picked a show to watch just because it's a horror show. I just don't know what people see in it and I'm always of the opinion that horror shows are not worth having on my watchlist. I never tried to watch one or even see why people get scared when they watch any. Haha.

Well, I finally got dragged into watching a whole lot of horror Movies this year. Wow! My friend who's also a big movie fan decided we have to see a bunch of horror Movies together. Haha. I wasn't ready or even interested in watching any movie of that sort. Not when I have my action shows to watch and enjoy. Haha.

However, she was not having any of that. Also, she's quite persuasive so, I decided to see what's so freaking hot about horror Movies. Like, why would a macho like myself freak out just because something is crawling in a movie? Haha. You need to see me when we were about to see that movie. I was feeling like a fearless rock. Haha.

Guess what?


I'm not even kidding when I say this; my respect for those who watch horror Movies is currently flying to the moon. Seriously, y'all are a different breed of movie Lovers because why on earth will you watch something that will freak the living hell out of you? Jeezzzzz!

I'm not going to lie... I was screaming and closing my eyes in so many scenes of the show and I'm not even kidding, a part of me felt like it was about to get tossed into the horror that was going on in the movie. I know it's a movie. Yeah! "It's just a movie". However, a very good horror movie will freak you out like crazy.

Guess how my friend was reacting?

She was having a very good laugh!

Lol. Now, whenever we meet and we are free to see Movies together, she always tries to fit scary Movies into our watchlist. Lol. She knows I won't be forgiving her any time soon. Haha.

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Lols, Horror movies are for those that have mind,
Try to watch The Exorcist, Final Destination or The RingsπŸ˜‚, you will know those movies are not for the faint hearted


HAhah... Final Destination is in the list of the Horror movies I got to watch this year. I believe I saw three parts of it. Haha. Jeezzzzz! That show is too brutal


I'm a movie lover too but not a fan of horror movies, i have never intentionally watch any form of horror movies apart from zombie movies. Anytime I dare try to watch any horror movie, I make sure it is in the afternoon before the night I would have digested the movie and also make sure I'm in a safe space to ensure nothing creepy is crawling around meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Lol... I don't even dare to casually fit any horror movie into my watchlist. I only get to watch that when I'm dragged into watching it. Haha.

The people that casually watch this all the time are made of a different breed. I respect them oOoOO.


Lol the first time I saw an horror movie, I stayed awake all night thinking a lot of those horror things would happen close by and take me unaware πŸ˜‚

Since then, I don't see one but if I do, never alone!

Respect those people like @princessbusayo she can watch horror movies to save her life 🀣 thank goodness I'm not the only who gets scared for just seeing a movie (horror movie!)


Lol... Seriously, horror Movies are given that name for a reason. It's truly horrible and you have to risk it all before you can watch those Movies πŸ˜‚.

Like, don't even go watching them at the middle of the night. You will just deal with sleeplessness until daybreak. Haha.


And then, there are those who prefer to see horror movies late in the night πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ


Oh sorry πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. My love for horror movies knows no bounds and the funny thing is that I love to watch them at night.

Don't worry in time and maybe with consistency, you would also laugh alongside your friend when watching.



Lol... Oh, you are one of those in this scary movie ship. Haha. You are my lady are the same oOoOO. And she's the one that dragged me into seeing a scary movie πŸ˜‚.

I can't contend with you scary movie Lovers. Haha






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Call us horror movie watchers and we'll answer you. I love horror movies to the core, not that it doesn't scare me, it does and that's even the sweetest part of it🀣🀣.

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I never been one to like horror but I could still watch it, just that everyone in my house would escort me to go and pee. but regardless I have had a couple of horror movies I liked too. And hello cutie boy... interesting post. From #dreemport hehe


Haha... It seems like we have a lot of people who are not passionate about scary movies, yet they go on to watch it. Haha. That's hilarious.

Thanks, Jaz, for sharing your thoughts on this. Haha.


That's one genre I now avoid totally. Give me good ol' sci fi any day :)

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Haha... The scary movie zone is worth being avoided. There is so much chaos happening there. Haha


Lol.. got my wires crossed with my initial reply. There's a real life 'scary zone' where I pick up litter each day - reminiscent of scary movie setting. To your point, though.. scary things are certainly worth being avoided imo.