The King of Killers: Lionsgate did a good job with a tight budget.

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If you've stumbled upon any of my Movies and TVshow's related content, you will surely know that I'm more of a Tvshow person than a movie person. I just love it when enough time is given to a story. I believe that's how the writer will get to give us all the juice and sauce in addition to the twists and turns which transforms a story into a mind-blowing one.

In addition to the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of movies, I'm also fully concentrated in the Korean Entertainment industry. Most of the TV shows or movies I see are usually Korean projects.

All I've said so far is enough to show that the odds are not supposed to be in favour of the movie I'm about to review since it's firstly not a TV show and secondly, it's not a Korean project. Nonetheless, I know good stuff when I see one and you will get a very genuine review of this particular movie.

Read on to see what I think of this Lionsgate Movie, The King Of Killers.

The Story;

The story felt casual and I wasn't surprised about that. The major attraction to the show is the hint of blockbuster action sequences and they did a really good job of highlighting those in the movie trailer. After getting a snippet of what to expect from the trailer, I immediately fitted it into my watchlist and ended up watching it the same day.

To be fair, I was completely impressed by the show and it never felt like a typical high-budget Hollywood action show. However, the production crew did their best with the resources they had and they managed to give very clear hints of the coming of a sequel. At the moment, I feel quite optimistic about seeing the sequel whenever they work on that. But, a lot can happen between now and then.

The Characterisation;

I can't say much about the reputation of these casts and that has to do with the fact that I'm not deeply vested in the American and European movie industry. All I know about the cast list is that one of the major characters was also casted in Captain America, The Winter Soldier.

Nonetheless, I'm satisfied with the amount of work they put into perfecting the choreography of their fighting scenes. It came out quite naturally. They appear to have the sort of charisma you would expect from pros in the contract-killing industry. Not that I've met any of those though. Haha.

Check out the above trailer to get a hint of what the movie is all about.

I usually get mad when movies end with wild cliffhangers, but for some reason, this particular show ended with a cliffhanger and I'm not mad about that. Since it's barely a week old, we surely won't be hearing anything about the sequel until 2025 or thereabout. I hope they also do a good job on that.

I enjoyed distracting myself with this after watching a very complex Kdrama. 5/10 would be a fair rating for this show.

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Thumbnail Image is taken from IMBD
Trailer is taken from Lionsgate official YouTube channel

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