The Last of Us REVIEW

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Last of Us is a TV adaptation of one of the most beloved console games from 2013. A sequel came out in 2020 which was mired in controversy.
I remember only vaguely that it had something to do with a female character that looked like Dwayne Johnson.


Anyone that watched more than 1 zombie film knows that there are 2 types of zombies.

  • Fast zombies
  • Slow zombies

If you ever played "tag" as a kid you know that slow zombies make no sense whatsoever. But I guess those type of zombies exist in film because if you have the extras running around you have to pay them more. I dunno.

Anyways. The zombies in Last of Us are the speedy type that had their mind scrambled by a fungus called "Cordyceps" which is an actual fungus that infects insects. Its quite disgusting.


The premise is that this fungus started to infect humans and there was no cure for it. When a human is infected it wants to spread the infection around and the infected are somehow connected through these tendrils or whatnot.
The connection to a real life fungus gives the story credibility and uniqueness. I always consider that a positive.

Season 1 starts by following the co-main character Joel, during the time of the outbreak, 20 years before the actual story unfolds.
I quite liked the first episode. Joel is played by Pedro Pascal. I think hes a perfect fit for Joel. Actress playing his daughter did a good job portraying her and the production value when portraying the chaos was quite high.


Following episodes slow down the action as we move back to the "present". Besides some great visuals the story unfolds fairly slowly. Throwing in episodes that have nothing to do with the main story slow it down even further.
The last episode I watched last night, EP7 was entirely pointless. Nothing happened, main story was set aside and all you watched for an hour is two teens walking around a mall talking and playing games.
If you just skipped that episode you wouldnt miss anything.

For the more conservative types, I have to say that theres a lot of gay stuff in the show. The main character Ellie is a lesbian and they had a whole episode where Ron Swanson is doing gay stuff with his boyfriend which again didnt forward the story much. It was more of a world building episode.


But I guess most of us are used to it by now. Everything is gay nowadays.

Does it come off too preachy?

I would say that it doesnt. The Ron Swanson episode was actually quite enjoyable as a generally standalone episode.

The first few episodes had really cool visuals and ideas presented on screen. It had sufficient action, pacing was fine, interesting characters were introduced but once Joel and Ellie remain alone again everything slows down a bit too much.
They go from point A to B. Talk to people and move on. Joel finds his brother he risked his life to find and then just moves on the next day.
Episode 6 and 7 are imo by far the weakest. Theyre still not bad episodes but considering the others I would rate as 9/10 or higher, these last two episodes come in at about 6/10 for me.

The main story arc I feel lacks a bit of depth but that is more of an issue with the source material than the TV show.
Overall its definitely worth the watch. One of the better shows of the year for sure.

Im giving it an 8/10.

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Disgusting, and with this I don´t mean the fungus.
I don´t want to get that gay propaganda spit in my face. It is a private thing.


I get if people feel that way.
I didnt mind it too much even though obviously all romantic scenes so far were between gay people. Its not an accident.


One of the most hyped series of the year. Has it reached those expectations?


First few episodes are good. Probably 9/10. Ep6 and Ep7 are significantly weaker.


I didn't play the game, but there's been good talk around about the film, and it does make me interested in it.

However, I think it's really sad that every film now wants to, by all means, satisfy the whole world. We already know that gays exist. It's the shoving it down our throats that's the problem.


jajaja I flip when read "Ron Swanson is doing gay stuff" but yeah there are some stories that Im sure there is more to explain about and thats part of the show that I dont like, its like they are crunching too much of the story on the tv show but its still good series


I'm starting to watch this series, I really liked the idea of the mushroom it's quite realistic, I actually felt some fear that maybe not this, but something similar would happen, but all that aside, it was great that they made this series.


Saw it on the lists recently, just waiting for a review like this) I'll put it on my list!


I remember playing the first game and enjoying it. It wasn't bad and had some fun ideas to explore regarding ethics and what's justified for the supposed greater good of everyone else. I didn't play the sequel because I don't really play games now, and from what I saw, it had nothing more to add and went in a weird direction.

Neil Druckmann to me no longer seems like a creative interested in telling stories, from what I've seen in recent years he seems like someone that is driven by hate; adding fuel to fire and pushing agendas purely to profit from the insanity of the world's reactionary political climate.

In general I dislike when political themes get shoehorned into narratives that ultimately don't lead anywhere or contribute much to the character development. It just seems lazy and it's clear it often has no weight to it aside from screaming to the audience that they're of a more progressive stance.

I recently watched a show called Station Eleven which had a similar idea to The Last of Us: a group of people that survived a deadly flu that wiped out much of humanity. The show displayed some characters that were gay, but the story gave equal time to each character and it found a way to not just say they were gay, but use it to advance their stories forward. No scenes of two men kissing for an hour, but instead showing the character's struggles and regrets now that the world and his life had turned upside down.

I think people like Neil Druckmann are too politically fuelled to be capable of handling such characters in a way that actually speaks to the audience rather than just generating eyerolls.


Is station eleven any good? I cant find much info on it online. Says it ran only for 10 episodes.

At this point I just cringe at the political narratives shoved into storylines. It used to make me irritated but I guess you go numb after a while.
Rings of Power I didnt even watch a second of and Im a huge fan of Lotr.
At least the politics present are something that was already a part of the game storyline. It was the creators vision. Im fine with that.

Its when they insert their politics into something they didnt create is when i draw the line.


I think it's really good. But it definitely is different to The Last of Us. It's more character driven than action driven. More about hope and accepting the past with an apocalyptic setting; and it often moves between present and past to tell the story of the characters so you don't always get that wasteland setting in the episodes.


Hola @señor mariposa tuve la oportunidad de ver la serie la primera es lenta hasta aburre pero la segunda parte es buenisima cuando se enfrenta ellie y abigail por la muerte de joel. Besos y Abrazos.