EOFT: Adventure & Popcorn

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Image source: EOFT Website

Yesterday I visited the local edition of the European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT) in Aachen. For those of you who don't know, EOFT is an annual film tour through Europe and consists of a series of short edits of adventurous films. Adventurous in the broadest sense.

This year there was a mix of adventures filmed by para gliders, climbers, mountainbikers and cyclist. The most interesting movie to me is called 792 breakdowns in which six art school graduates take the leap to drive three Ural sidecar motorcycles from Germany, across Siberia, via Alaska to New York.

The route they took Image source: LeavingHomeFunction.

During this trip, as the name suggests, the group gets stuck with many breakdowns in the most remote locations. What caught me in this movie is their complete acceptance of faith. In fact, it seems like they even chase unfortunate situation.

Getting stuck in swampy nature, crossing rivers and desserts, but never loose hope to get to their destination. It somehow was inspiring to me.

You can watch the movie on their website if you want to pay a little fee. It's worth it (link next to routemap).

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That sounds cool. Will have a look.

Send an invite to something like this in Aachen, if you want some more people with you.