A Quiet Place (2018)


A quiet place, the name itself gives us a hint of silence. When the movie starts and the very first portion gives us the whole idea about the movie, I mean one can predict the whole thing, whole survival. In a family of five, using sign language to communicate with one another, every step of them is calculated and movement is so careful that they don't create any noise, they are afraid of making a noise. Their little companion picks a toy which is an aeroplane but they can't have it with them as it would create noise. His elder sister secretly lets him have it but she removes the batteries. But while leaving he picks those batteries secretly.

They move through the forest and coming near a bridge he turns on that aeroplane which starts playing music, everyone gets shocked and terrified, by the time his dad could reach him a creature from the jungle grabbed the boy and vanished. That's the start of the movie, that's the whole story about, their survival without making a noise because some creatures are hunting noise.

This photo was taken while watching the film.

So A Quiet Place is a horror-thriller film which was directed by John Krasinski in 2018. I have seen people watching and writing about it plenty of times. I have also thought of watching it multiple times but somehow it got postponed. So last time, I made up my mind and went for it. And guess what, It was a good one to go.

As you can guess from the beginning the story is about survival, it didn't focus on how this thing happened, just featuring the post-apocalyptic survival story of the family. I thought this would be the only movie where I won't hear a voice, things were like that but somehow there were ways, always a bypass system to crack even the strictest rules. Ops! I am getting away.

After the beginning, the story was forwarded to almost a year and a half and the mother from that family was pregnant and her date was near. Actually, they kinda try to live with that, trying to lead a normal life while coping with the situation. This family has a teenage boy and a girl, whose father takes him to teach the ways of living so that he can look after them in their old age. Some intense moments would make someone bite their nails or make the hell out of them being shocked. In that scene when she gets her labor pain was intense as the husband and son were out, even the daughter wasn't at home, and a creature roaming inside.

I was wondering as they have a shotgun so they can shoot the creature when they had no options left to survive, you would also feel this even for a moment. But what would happen if they pulled the trigger of the gun? Well, there is a scene to satisfy this feeling and the impact was visible too.

If you ask for my overall impression I would say a good one, you won't get bored, the runtime is just one hour and thirty minutes, not a huge one even if it was a long one, you wouldn't have got bored. The story progressed in such an intense way that I just started and got drowned in it, with no break, no distraction. From this amazing experience from the first one, I am looking forward to watching the second one too. So the next one on my watchlist would be A Quiet Place Part Two. Happy Watching!