A Quiet Place II (2020)


The first part of A Quiet Place was pretty enjoyable, and as the ending of that left us in an unsatisfied state about what happened next, here comes the sequel of it. Continuing the story after that endpoint, shows us the survival of Lee's family without him, as a single mother with three of her children, one of whom is a newborn. Let's get started.


So in our first installment, we haven't really seen how those creatures end up here, how everything started and this curiosity of ours got satisfied in this part. This time, it starts with a normal world, full of people living in their own way, watching a baseball game. Btw, I thought I got confused if it was a sequel or a prequel because I hadn't checked anything before starting this one. I just knew that it has a part two and I said to myself, "I must check out that too." And here I am.

Don't get confused, it's a sequel. Beginning scenes show us their normal life and how it got interrupted, something crashed from the sky to the earth. Everyone panicked and started for their home and those creatures start hunting the noises and that's the beginning and we know the rest. Btw here we get another new lead character, one of my favorite actors, Cillian Murphy as Emmett, a surprise for me.

Well, it then begins from where we were left, Evelyn and her children tackled the rest of the creatures that were coming after hearing the gunshot. Evelyn's deaf daughter, Regan discovers the weakness of those creatures which is high-frequency audio that she could create from her cochlear implant. So we got a weakness, Lee was working on it, whom we lost in the first part. And here the journey of them begins again.

If I keep aside the story and start describing the impression of different scenes and characters then I must admire Evelyn in the first place. In different scenes, the way she hold up the situation was superb, I still remember her expression while giving courage to her little son and asking him to calm down saying, "Breath." If you have watched it already then you might recall, also in various scenes her expression was marvelous, they impressed me too much.

And when they meet Murphy on their run from the creatures, he saves them and hides in an air-tight secret compartment. He shows us something, something that everyone would do for their survival. He asked them to leave while hiding his identity. She recognized him, but he had very limited resources so there was no way to keep them.

Well, Regan gets the hint that there are some more people that are surviving just like them through the radio song and she gotta reach to them to save both ends, this decision of hers turns the movie in a new direction. So many things happened after that too, they get attacked by bad people that Emmett was referring not worth saving, by creatures, and reaches an island that is out of the reach of those creatures' havoc yet it gets attacked, so much to tell or digest.

Okay, for some reason I think this one is worth watching if you have watched the first one and drowned with the characters. I kinda felt an average feeling throughout the whole movie, it is a good one but not that exciting to be over-hyped. I love thrillers, also I seek some new mysteries, something new to be amazed by, something unpredictable that would go beyond my imagination. John Krasinski was good in his direction and everything, but I had expected more. Btw, the third installment of this is obvious, again it stopped in such a place that left a craving to know what happened next. Let me tell you what, we know they got a safe island, now that Emmett and Regan would try to bring the rest of the family here, and there would be again some encounters and action scenes. If things go like this then it will again stay under my expectations no matter how good or exciting those scenes are. They will be worth watching but will stay below expectations. Happy Watching!