Zodiac (2007)

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Zodiac is a mystery-thriller film centering on a true crime investigation. Most fascinating thing is that it's taken from non-fiction books with the same names, written by Robert Graysmith and we do have a character with this name which aligns with the real person and his source material for the book was also true events that took place in real. Well, this one is very interesting when you finish the movie and figure out these facts. The film was directed by David Fincher, he is one of my favorite directors who has given me multiple amazing movies to enjoy, and trust me, this one was another perfect work from him, I just loved it.

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I have watched numerous crime-related movies, shootings and violence are always common things in a movie from this genre. Guess what, on this one, you will just get one or two such scenes in the beginning, and the rest of the film won't have any of these, but the whole runtime of two hours and a half will be centering these crimes that took place or were happening, interesting enough?

One crime takes place in the beginning and then the killer sends letters to the San Francisco Chronicle, which publishes newspapers. In that letter, the sender claims credit for those murders that took place in the beginning, and also a cipher text was sent along with the letter to be published on the front page. Here in this place, we got to see two of our key characters, Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith who is a cartoonist there, remember the name? Hehe. And the other character is Robert Downey Jr as Paul Avery who writes crime reports. Later we get another main character Mark Ruffalo as David Toschi who was playing the role of a police officer handling the case.

We would see letters with such mysterious cipher texts coming one after another, dates on the calendar keep moving rapidly, and they are also investigating different interesting leads but with no luck. It takes years to continue this case but no luck, even the law enforcement agency closes this case without anything in their hand to catch the serial killer, but here our cartoonist from the media, who loves to solve puzzles gets behind this Zodiac case to solve the mystery, after a certain time he leaves behind his actual work as a cartoonist just to focus on this, and the events just keep moving forward in a timeline of months and years.

While watching this long runtime, you might be going through a lot of thoughts, and you might make some wild guesses on who could be the killer just from our experiences of watching such films and how everything gets twisted after a certain time, none of these happens, and things keep moving and moving. Robert Greysmith, our cartoonist, while following this crime gets so much information and things related to this Zodiac that he can or did write a book on the killer, that's our source material, a movie that aligns with the source material, isn't it amazing?

Personally, I would say I have loved Mark Ruffalo and Robert Graysmith's performances more and more. During the whole runtime, they kept me hooked on the investigation and scattered pieces of the puzzle to solve the mystery. And the film ends with an unexpected truth that we might not have expected, but this is what it is. Overall, I would say this one was an amazing film, many might find it boring and worthless too, yeah I actually mean it because it's not just the storyline that you might get to enjoy, but the film's background story, it's from a true event that took place in the real life, a character that was aligned with the actual events, it's like portraying the whole thing starting from the crime story to how it reached to us.

It was on my watchlist for months, I was delaying it for its long runtime, but lemme tell you if you are willing to watch this then ignore the runtime and jump on it, you're gonna enjoy an amazing film, Happy Watching.

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This is one great movie! I watched in the theatres!


This is one great movie!

Is this our common interest in such thriller/mystery/crime genre films or in general you have watched a ton of movies by which you always end up watching that film before me? hehe.


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The killer should have just said, "Git gud noobz" and proceeded to spawnkill everyone. Ez win.