Series Review : Is Supacell A Must Watch Or Not?

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If I'm correct, this is the first time I'm posting about movies on Hive. So this must really be an interesting one. It might not be that appealing for everyone, which you'll get the point later in this post.

Firstly, this movie is an almost 100% black. That's something you easily find anyway, but there's something else that makes supacell unique, and that's their supernatural abilities that the actors possess. Another thing is that it is made in London.

Yes, this is a British supernatural movie that's 100% black. If you don't like movies that features only black people, then you might not be that in love with it at first sight. Nothing racist there, just that I saw some comments and ratings from people about how all the actors are black.

As a Blackman i sure love this and I think that's enough for the hype and all. I'm excited for this because you don't really get to even see something like this on a normal day.

The Black actors, The Supernatural abilities and their British Accents caught my attention so that's left with another thing we all like in moviesThe storyline

The storyline was created in a way that all the actors are random guys in the City of London. Some of them have even passed by one another before they get to discover their abilities and getting to know each other.

In short, the story goes like this… The lead actor is a delivery guy who went to the future and met his future self with other guys he's never met before fighting some bad guys. That was when his future self told him about how his girlfriend is going to die if he doesn't find the other 4 people as that's the only way to defeat their enemies.

Ever since I've seen some series and movies that were made in the UK, I've been so fascinated by UK series, especially the black ones. But, there has never been really any series that's mainly black and at the same time a supernatural one. I don't know if that's true, as I might've missed some movies.

But seeing supacell made me see how cool some magical black series would look like. Apart from the fascinating story that is told and captured in a more realistic and detailed setting, you will also see that the actors all had their A game on.

If I could say something negative about the movie, I would find it hard to say because I'm fully drawn in by the story line and acting, so I would recommend you give it a watch.

The only thing I think some set of people might find funny or weird is that the whole main actors are black this time.

Well, that's all. Go and give it a watch and thank me later. My personal rating is 9.5/10, and it's a must-watch for anyone who loves anything black and magical.

Thanks for reading. See you in my next post

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Sounds cool! Love seeing a Black superhero story in London. Thanks for the sharing, I'm adding it to my watchlist!


The movie itself is great but my question is "Did they specifically select the guys for the different roles" cause darn these guys are all cute, the cuteness alone got glued to my screen. But then losing his girlfriend I didn't expect that to happen, I wanted him to be able to save her.


Smiles. They are all good looking no doubt. Well, I think the next season would finalize him losing his girlfriend friend. I think there might be a plot twist there knowing that the guy could time travel. But it'll be sad if he really does lose his girlfriend.


Yeah!!! I can't wait for the next season to be released soon.