CineTV Contest : The Matrix Resurrections

Hello Moviefans!

This is my entry into the CineTV contest 26, Worst Movie You've Seen. Link is here.

Name - The Matrix Resurrections
Released - 2021
Director - Lana Wachowski

The worst movie category is pretty hard to define because so many movies can easily fall into this category. Very often I would have a movie night with my wife and I would acquiesce and agree to some RomCom rubbish only for her to fall asleep after 5 minutes leaving me watching some of the worst movies of my life.

Luckily this traumatic experience helped me get through work the next day knowing that there is something worse than being stuck in a cubicle all day doing a job you hated. The only worse thing could be an episode of Grey's Anatomy, that would be real torture.

However, before I get to today's worst film, let's talk about the contenders. The first contender for me is Inglourious Basterds. I am usually a big fan of Tarantino's movies, but here he really created the biggest pile of crap of his career.

I loved Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and the impressive Kill Bill. So many great things about those films and then to think that you might see a Tarantino film with Brad Pitt in it and it could be awesome like Fight Club or something. But in the end, it was something that was just totally unwatchable for me. It was so sterile and coming from Tarantino made it extra disappointing and a contender for the worst film of all time for me.

It's like Tarantino didn't learn anything from the film The Great Escape with Steve McQueen. Something called humility. Even the watchable Christoph Waltz couldn't save this film with his character's role and quips. It had none of the cinematic moments or quality that you had come to expect from his earlier films.

I don't know if it is have a go at Tarantino day because he was my favorite director for a long time, but his other movie Django Unchained is another big contender for a pile of crap too.

I was watching the film and I couldn't follow it at all. I couldn't relate to the characters or anything. It was all just so artificial and stale. If you would ask me what happened in the movie now, I couldn't tell you I was so bored out of my head by it.

Usually, I can watch anything with Big Head (aka Leonardo di Caprio) in it and Samuel L Jackson. But what another huge disappointment from Tarantino.

Anyway, onto the winner of worst film of all time for me. The Matrix Resurrections. Oh my god, how bad was it!? It wins because it was my worse cinema experience since I can remember.

me after watching this film

Admittedly my expectations were high. I am a huge fan of the matrix series. I loved the whole plot from the first few films. Agent Smith, Neo, The Oracle, and the pretty cool bad guys. Oh, and of course, the legend and one of my favorite actors of all time Laurence Fishbourne who plays the legendary Morpheus.

And where was he??! How can you have the matrix without Morpheus??

But I get it, none of them wanted to make the film, they were done with it, which is fine, but I wish I had not gone to the cinema to see it. Oh, man was it painful.

In the first half of the movie, nothing was happening or they were rehashing clips from the previous movies. We had the whole cinema to ourselves because it was still dangerous to leave your home because of the pandemic. We could really immerse ourselves in the film but instead, we were BORED out of our heads.

Usually, when I go to the cinema and a film isn't living up to my expectations, there has been something to make it worth to keep watching. I haven't EVER wanted to leave a film partly way through, or even like here after just 10 minutes because it was so bad.

Neo and Trinity looked like they were hating every minute of it. They didn't want to be there. I also didn't want to be there. When they weren't rehashing the old films the ridiculous plot was just even more farcical. This film just didn't need to get made.

At least with Top Gun Maverick, although an aged Tom Cruise jumping around with a pilot's jacket on at 60 going super-sonic is ridiculous, they still managed to somehow pull it off. Here it was an abysmal failure.

Thanks for reading.

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Yes agree a complete pile of 💩
This is a prime example of cashing in corporation style no soul, no depth and no love, so we end up with a rubbish film another great idea crash and burns. 🤣
Have the best day mate
I will be including this content on the @heartbeatonhive curation collection

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Thanks Ben, you are right, corporations just cashing in.

Thanks for your support and curation. !ALIVE !CTP


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work


It was a film that was far below expectations. I watched it as if it would not have happened. I can only say that I endured it for the sake of the first films in the series.


The first hour was particularly painful. We almost left it was so bad. !PIZZA


I think seeing the movie myself won't be a bad idea.
But nah, I am fine.
After all these said.


You have pretty special taste in movies. What's your favorite movie, then? Or the series?


Oh, it's so hard to pin down my favorite as I like so many. I also like many of the smaller not so popular films, foreign movies and bollywood!! What is your favorite?



There can be only one favorite movie. Well, that's what I think).
Mine is Requiem for a Dream.


I saw what you did there !LOL

An interesting choice, (I just watched the trailer) it has been a while since I watched it and need to watch again for a refresh. It reminds me of Trainspotting which I liked. I could narrow down my favorite films to Lock Stock, Snatch , the Beach..,the Matrix and a few others.. oh its too hard to say there is just 1.


Yes, it's my favorite movie since I was 19 years old. I've seen a lot of great movies in that time, but only Requiem for a Dream impressed me so much. Yes, it's shown through drugs, but it could have been anything. Going for the dream, you have to remember the methods so you don't lose yourself!

Your movies are great! I liked all of them!


Yeah, it looks like one to make you think. I have added to my playlist. Thanks man! !CTP !ALIVE



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none of them wanted to make the film, they were done with it,

If that the case, why did the agree to film it?

Anyway, it is good to have your opinion.



It was explained to me and I understood it that the producers would make the film with or without them anyway. So they got a nice huge paycheck and made a terrible film that was profitable enough just because of the matrix franchise.


Thanks for sharing this review. Some.movies can really be horrible as you have rightly pointed out.


I never saw resurrections. I have seen the rest of the Matrix movies.
I am glad that I have missed this one.
Thanks for saving me 2 hours of my life, Steve.


you are welcome John, you won't regret skipping it. !ALIVE !CTP


That Matrix was really bad. Really... The plot was really bad. There was a sequence where a group of kids appeared mentioning words about the series and there I said: No more.


I haven't seen this most recent installment, but I'm sure I shouldn't waste my time after your great review haha


100% agree with you!


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Matrix is probably the first Hollywood movie I have seen and since them I become a fan Of Keanu.


I sooo wanted this movie to do well as I'm a huge Matrix fan. The opening scene wasn't bad, but after awhile I kept wondering "where is Trinity?"

here's what they should have done.

  1. It seems you need both Wachowski sisters in order to get a good Matrix movie done. Kinda like Lennon & McCartney. They're better together.

  2. Kneau Reeves should have just handed off the series to a new Neo. I would have gone with talented young unknown actors to play Neo and Trinity in order to have a fresh start.

  3. I would have brought the real Morpheus back as well for his own handoff or even as a potential villian.

  4. No flashbacks.

There were so many ways they could have gone with this and despite this dud, I still have hope that the Wachowskis or even another blockbuster director will take the helm and reboot this series and give the fans a Matrix to remember.


Those are some great suggestions and I am with you there. There was no cool bad guy to defeat here like in the previous ones was another thing really missing. I really like Nr.3 and Nr.4... I don't need any flashbacks!!!!

Thanks for your comment, hopefully we get the reboot sometime!



Hey!!! No Grey’s Anatomy slander please will be allowed 😡🥺😭

Anyways, I’m sorry for your disappointment. I haven’t seen Matrix Resurrection, I only saw the initial one Which I liked but this one sounds like a total waste of time 😂
No Morpheus? Nah! They should have just packed up and gone home. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Good luck with the contest Dreemer. 💕💕


hehehe I was wondering when I would meet a Grey fan!! My wife was an avid viewer so I have seen quite a few episodes! !LOL

Without Morpheus there is no Matrix for sure!! Thanks for dropping by. !CTP


I'll remember that when they put it on everyday tv @mypathtofire, which will probably be never hahahahahahahaha!!! Usually Keanu Reeves is a pretty decent actor, but I have not seen the full movies of this series, and at this point I probably won't.
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You never know, it may come quickly to TV! I do like some of Keanu's stuff but he left me cold here.

Thanks for coming from Dreemport. !ALIVE !CTP