Eagle Eye

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Name - Eagle Eye
Released - 2008
Director - D.J. Caruso

After seeing the @cyberdexter watching the film Eagle Eye, last night I decided to watch the film again as it has been some time since I saw it. With all the hype around AI at the moment, I thought it would be fun to chill and watch this film, a cross between Bourne and some AI type thing.

The Bourne films are some of my favorite films and therefore, this film really intriged me as I love this action fight type scenes and this film didn't disappoint. However, where Bourne was the ultimate enhanced human, Jerry (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) get instructions over the phone like Morpheus to Neo in the Matrix.

The storyline somehow brings these two characters together on an unknown mission and then slowly you see that the woman phone callers has huge power and influence over many other people to assist the great timing and help them on their journey.

At parts it is of course totally not believable but it is a glimpse into the surveillance we are under and had someone told me 10 years ago, AI would be where it is now, I wouldn't have believe them tbh. AI can only be as good as the human mind that creates it and all that jazz, but I guess it can be made to be quite realistic.

<< spoiler alert >>

The AI uses quite awful tactics to manipulate people and put them under a lot of stress to do as it wants. However, it somehow holds together and the real agent provoceteur gets revealed.

Ironically, the AI solution the problems are to remove the evil leaders who it thinks are the problem and our hereos for some reason fight against this! The solution isn't to just replace them, but to kill them all! It has connotations of Terminator and Skynet which is done quite well.

If everything was quite connected back in 2008 when the film was released, after covid, our current systems and dependency on IT must be 10 times or more reliant, so that an AI system could theoretically control everything. I guess once smart meters are installed and all cars are made electric, it will make a centralised control even more possible.

There are some great action scenes which are a good highlight to the film and it could show as a reminder that we should be careful about AI and giving computers too much control over our lives.

There has been talk about when will we see AI in real life, perhaps when we see the much hypothesised quantum computers? This combined with robots could then see a real life I Robot situation. I am not sure I would want a pretty dangerous looking robot as a house maid at home in case it turns rogue. What about what the cyborgs did on Mars in Star Trek?! I thought Data was a good guy until I saw that.

Overall I really enjoyed the film and can recommend it for a nice light hearted action film. I managed to squeeze in a couple of games of Fortnite in between before finishing it quite late.

Thanks for reading.

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Looks interesting. I don't watch this (yet). Thanks for the recommendation! 👍😎


It is a nice one. With this cold weather, I hope to get some nice films in. 😀


What an interesting story! I haven't been watching much of movies lately.


You said something about the AI removing the world leaderS
I’d love to check out this movie to have a better understanding about that
Thank you for sharing


Yeah, I thought it was an interesting story line lool


For some reason I was thinking this was the one with Colin Ferrel in it. I can't remember what the name of that one was though. I'm not even sure I spelled his name right! :) I've never seen this movie, but it kind of reminds me of the show Person of Interest. That was a good show.


Yeah there are a few good Colin Farrell movies that are similar to this. Something about Bruges I think.


OMG!!! This is sooo good. I haven't watched movie but I just watched trailer and read that spoiler alert. Although I am thinking that movie maker was advanced that he uses the technique of calls to make the plot twisting one and the whole AI thing is making it even more trilling. The action scenes in the trailer are so good.


You are right, it is pretty good film and worth watching now with AI taking over.


This time I want to watch classical movie with combination of historical events. That's my perfect taste.


Haven't watched this yet. Guess I'll have to check it out soon.


Its worth watching I think if you like action movies.