CineTV Contest #78 - Favorite movie with vintage technology// Sounds of freedom

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Greetings to all the hives that make life in the @cinetv community, to its administrator and moderators.

I would like to share my favorite movie in my life, it really impacted my life in an impressive way, so realistic and cruel of the situation that our children live worldwide, that I am sure that as well as they make me feel particularly, there are also millions of people who share this same feeling of helplessness, pain before so much evil, provided by evil, cruel, sick, evil minds, both men and women, of all social status, who have been able to damage the lives of so many children around the world.



I am a lover of justice and more when it comes to a child, since I was very young a great concern has been emerging for these types of cases that are extremely delicate, as they are involved characters of high society, from politicians, artists, businessmen, this is not a secret to anyone, as this has been emerging forever, but no one had dared to bring it to light, and lived and seen some experiences with respect to it. Thanks to God I have counted on the care of an Almighty being who has delivered me from so many dangers.

What you loved or hated about it.

What I loved most about the movie is the hero who was able to risk his life and go into the jungle to save a little girl, who was able to dismantle those mafias, I don't have a word to describe so much evil, I love ♥️ that production team, cast who God used, I love ♥️ to God for leading him to the right person who was able to give everything for everything for the love of these children who finally got the reward from heaven for such a beautiful and great heroism.

And the scene when he was finally able to rescue the girl from the hands of these child traffickers, he risked everything to fulfill the promise he made to the boy, that he would rescue his little sister.



It influenced me a lot, finally God had heard my prayers and sure the prayers of many more people, it made me cry a lot, at the moment my mind went to the place where the kidnapped children are, I have two granddaughters, nephews, nieces, when I see the care, protection and love with which they are treated by their parents, it gives me pain to know that thousands of children are suffering more than we imagine 😭, that gives me a lot of courage, I can only continue praying to God, so they are rescued as many as possible.

Which part did you find most interesting?

When they arrived to the island to rescue 50 children, everything was planned by the same agents of the police force, where a large part of the traffickers fell and where the woman who served as a liaison also fell, among that group there was one of them who indicated where the girl was, the little sister of the boy he rescued, the end of this scene moved me full, especially when they began to sing the song of freedom ♥️.

And the scene when he was finally able to rescue the girl from the hands of these child traffickers, he risked everything to fulfill the promise he made to the boy, that he would rescue his little sister.

Any scene that still comes to your mind.

When the gang was dismantled in Haiti.
The scene that moved me the most was when they went to dismantle a child trafficking mafia, which operated under the guise of an orphanage, when the protagonist arrived pretending to be a client, he found at the entrance of this a child of approximately two (2), who smiled at him, he continued to move forward until he saw a girl of barely one year old in the arms of a woman, he approached her and gave her a chocolate bar, He assumed that they were siblings, as he was so moved he called his wife and told her about his experience with these two children, the wife after seconds of silence answered him that she wanted to adopt them, he was surprised because they were a large family, this did not stop this family, currently these children live with them.

Actuación de los actores/actrices que dejaron huella.

Por favor está demasiado decirlo por supuesto el protagonista quien puso todas sus conocimientos y habilidades para llevar a cabo este ecpectacular papel, Eduardo Verastegui, (Paul); ***Jim Carviezel, (Tim ballarte); y Mira Sorvino (Katherine ballar).

Actuation of actors/actresses who left their mark.

Please is too say it of course the protagonist who put all his knowledge and skills to perform this ecpectacular role, Eduardo Verastegui, (Paul); ***Jim Carviezel, (Tim ballarte); and Mira Sorvino (Katherine ballar).

Why do you think it's significant and cool (or not)?.

I am a mother, grandmother, aunt, in my family there are many children both young and teenagers, I would not like to go through this terrible experience that today many parents are going through, this calls us to reflection and awareness that we must care, love and pay more attention to our children, nor leave them in the care of anyone and less of relatives who are the worst, lately we have seen cases of grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, who abuse and allow them to be abused. If the child's attitude changes, we must be very attentive to them, when we walk in the street or any place where we go to be with the children, in order to fulfill our role as parents. I really congratulate the producers of this great movie that has awakened the attention of the world.

Thank you for your attention, I hope I arrived in time to participate in this contest, I counted with the help of Google, the translator I used is Deepl. Blessings to all the hives.

Note: This movie marked my life, these children will not be the same, their lives will change forever, only God's help and psychological help will be able to be recovered children.

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this a darn good film, well worth watching. The subject matter is a bit challenging to write about, as it is a very tragic story of what these young people, and their families, had to go through. And this type of evil still goes on today.

Thanks for sharing.


Greetings dear friend, it is very sad to know that ending these mafias is impossible, only a miracle, God keep our children and children of the family, and pray for those who suffer. Yesterday I found out from a media that they discovered pills made with the bodies of dissected children, it is terrifying what we are living in these times, God help us, Thank you for reading my post.