I saw Jung_E and these are my impressions.

Thanks to global warming in the 22nd century part of the planet Earth is uninhabitable, so humans decide to build space colonies, but some of these colonies are proclaimed as a republic called Adrian, initiating attacks with robots and mercenaries to the rest of colonies and to some places on Earth.


The Allied Republic to end years of conflict is developing a perfect soldier, a combat artificial intelligence by cloning the brain of an ancient and legendary fighter in a coma. This project is in the phase of simulations, until it reaches an absolutely perfect level.

All this is told to us at the beginning of the film where we see pure, frenetic action and a machine-like, futuristic setting. Thus we enter into context in a story that initially presents echoes of several films we have already seen as Terminator, Matrix, Robocop, Universal Soldier, Ghost in the Shell, I Robot, Ex Machina and to a lesser extent Blade Runner.

From this point on the action slows down presenting us with an intimate drama in conjunction with moral dilemmas. What happens is that the warrior they use to get a deadly weapon is Jung_E (Kim Hyn-hoo), and one of the developers of the experiment is her daughter Seo Hyun (Kang Soo-yeon).

In the film we never see the space colonies, or the war conflict, this is where the film begins to be reiterative initially we are explained the context of the war, this happens again when through a video we are given the same explanation, also later, Dr. Seo Hyun tells one of his colleagues a story that afflicted him in the past and soon after that is shown in a flashback.


Scientific experimentation and family traumas are mixed, finding a philosophical side between the distinction between human and artificial and even a kind of test to differentiate humans from robots is present, along with the generation of a conscience in an artificial intelligence that can make it show some sign of feelings such as pain, frustration, anger and calm. The action and fight scenes are shot in a dynamic way, with acceptable CGI and outstanding fight choreography.

Kim Hyn-joo as Jung_E is a competent action heroine, but she does not have an excessive presence in the film, Kang Soo-yeon her scientist daughter faces really serious decisions and events, but in the end she ends up showing a character that reflects neither the rebellion, nor the inner struggle that she should.


Ryu Kyung-soo (Sang-hoo ) is the director of the laboratories that develop the artificial intelligence project. He is a buffoonish character, who in a script twist transforms his somewhat light-hearted behavior into a more violent and macabre one.

The film is directed by Yeon Sang-hol, responsible for the successful and praised Train to Busan. Kang Soo Yeon who stars as Seo Hyun in the film passed away at the age of 55 on May 7, 2022 due to a heart attack, so the film is dedicated to her.

More than for the story it tells, which is weighed down by a weak and underdeveloped script, the film is sustained by the excellent performances of its cast, and its fight scenes. It is a pity that the film did not delve deeper into the history of Artificial Intelligence, and how it was able to show some feelings.

It is a film that fulfills its mission to make its viewers have a good time, and that is why I recommend watching it, but I think that the subject matter could have given more with a better written script.

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