Man Vs Bee: a funny slapstick


The Slapstick, is a key element of humor in which the actor shows off an exaggerated action in which we see physical violence and nonsensical character, which in essence makes the viewer laugh.

The story of this Netflix miniseries is very simple. Trevor Bingley (Rowan Atkinson) is a divorced house-sitting father, who gets a job in an expensive and modern mansion owned by Nina and Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten, which he must take care of for a week, finding inside it works of art and a little dog named Cupcake.


Along with the caretaker also comes to this house a very intelligent bee that will gradually plunge him into despair and obsession. Because of this little Trevor is accused of 14 charges, among which are: arson, reckless driving, and destruction of works of art.

Atkinson's physical comedy is triggered when he decides to trap the little animal and is unable to access certain parts of the house he is taking care of, as it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and the access codes that were written in a notebook are destroyed by Trevor himself. With some help from Cupcake and the carelessness and ineptitude of the character we will observe a festival of disasters that include destruction and decapitation of works of art, destruction of a luxurious vehicle, and burning the mansion with a flamethrower, as well as the most crazy actions to get rid of the bee.


The protagonist is so obsessed with the bee that he does not realize that there are three thieves trying to take the works of art that he has damaged.

There is very little dialogue, the plot being centered on the human struggle against the intrusion of a bee.

I managed to doubt the mental health of the protagonist, since there is a scene in which his ex-wife mentions to him that he has already had as an enemy a paper shredder and a supermarket cart.

By chance he finds himself in jail with the perpetrators of the mansion and hears from one of them about the plans of Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten, the owner of the mansion, to swindle an insurance company. This situation is reported to the police and the sentence he was serving in prison for having caused damage and destruction is pardoned.

She finally manages to go on vacation with her daughter, but the annoying bee magically reappears.


After viewing the series, I noticed a lot of parallelism between this and the Road Runner and Coyote cartoons, here what was missing were the excellent ACME brand products. Another cartoon that came to mind was The Pink Panther and of course the unmistakable faces of Mr. Bean.

There are 9 episodes that can be marathoned without any problem since each one lasts approximately 11 minutes. The series does not present any offensive character.

It is a completely inoffensive humor that will be very much to the liking of fans of the series and movies of Mr. Bean, the character for which Rowan Atkinson will always be recorded.

The series consists of one season, being created by Atkinson himself and Will Davies, directed by David Kerr.

I watched this series as a family and I couldn't erase the smile from my mouth during all its chapters, it's not a work of art but it's short and it offers us what it promises: entertainment.