Watching the "Puff Daddy" documentary. That man made bank.

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From the bottom to the top

Ref: The feature press

This is the definition of grinding your way to the top.

From the early days he was on the outside looking in and that gave him the drive to change his life. That hunger for money that only being really poor can give you.

McGregor had the same when he came up through the UFC and living on the welfare. Surrounded by gangsters and drugs the only way to get out was to hustle or die.

I will never understand the motivation fully without living that kind of life. We have never been rich in life but never wanted for anything at the same time. We lived within our means and it was exceedingly comfortable

Puff daddy, P diddy, Diddy, Sean Combs..... Whatever name he went by but he was a hustler.

He hustled his way into the game and had the drive and vision to become hugely successful from it.

Worked his way into a record company form the streets.
Built up his connections in the industry.
Performed, organized, promoted, he got involved with every aspect of the business.

When he went out on his own and formed bad boy records he brought all of these skills with him and a lot of his connections.

He had all the aspects of a successful business with one huge advantage.

In the majority of the record companies at the time they were ran by old white guys. People who knew the music industry form their perspective but the scene was changing. Hiphop and gangster rap was taking over and a lot of the artists were coming form a different lifestyle that didn't integrate with big business and they way they wanted to do things.

Puffy had the advantage of learning the industry from the inside but knowing the artist from his own lifestyle.

He was involved in a lot of the music that was coming out at the time and responsible for putting a lot of hiphop artist in the public view as they were, not how they were forced to be.

He had a bit part to play in changing the industry by having a vision and sticking with it. Brough people with him and forced people to stand up and take notice.

It's a very interesting documentary on his rise and the reunion.

It also has a lot of resonance with what we are trying to do on hive and with crypto in general.

We are trying to bring change to the industry. We can see the problems with the legacy system and how it fails to represent the current society. People are moving out of the established companies and bringing their experience to the table in an effort to forge a new path.

Some of them will even be successful but they will need to bring a lot of the same attributes as puffy to to the game.

Strength of conviction.
Business savvy.
Hard work.

A lot of the current projects and founders don't have these attributes and will fail but the few that bring everything to the table will be wildly successful.

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True. So many lessons noticed in the write up. I officially look forward to watching it

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He sure has worked his way up. Most artist these days kinda lack the vision, tho some are talented but that's not enough to sustain long term. Just as we build more connection to grow here on Hive, any artist will benefit greatly from healthy connections.

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He really did. Nice guy too. I had his son do a project with me once and he showed up. His kid's first acting gig. when I chose him didn't know who his dad was and kid never said. i thought that was cool

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