3 Important Things in the Drama Tale of Nine Tailed 1938

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Hi everybody. I just finished watching a Korean drama called Tale of Nine-Tailed 1938. The drama, starring Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum, Kim So-Yeon, and Ryu Kyung-Soo, became a drama session 2 which previously aired in 2020, then. Unlike the other series, this drama is not a continuation of the previous season. So, the audience can still enjoy the storyline in this session. Even though it's over, the drama, which only has 12 episodes, has much to learn. What are the things that can be learned in this drama?

Lee Yeon Makes Up for Mistakes That Happened

In this drama, Lee Yeon has a mission to retrieve an heirloom from Taluipa. Lee Yeon took the mission so that Lee Rang could be reincarnated again. However, Lee Yeon is trapped in 1938. Lee Yeon meets his old friend and younger brother. For about 1 month, Lee Yeon was in that year.

Lee Yeon in the future comes to 1938 as if he is paying for what he did in the past. In 1938, Lee Yeon saw himself being upset because his partner left him. Lee Yeon, who was in 1938, didn't do anything. Even though in that year, many things needed to be completed as the Mountain God. Lee Yeon in the future comes as if making amends for the past. The same goes for Lee Rang, his only sister.

Friendship Above All

At the beginning of the episode between Lee Yeon and Cheon Moo Yeong will do battle. This condition makes Ryu Hong Joo uneasy. Because the three of them were friends since childhood. Especially if Lee Yeon and Moo Yeong fight, it is certain that Hong Joo will take sides. In one of the conversations, it was explained that Hong Joo would not be apathetic. Moreover, Hong Joo is in a dilemma. Lee Yeon is his first love. Meanwhile, Moo Yeong is the one who is always by his side.

But, goes with time. There seems to be a sense of togetherness between the three. Hong Joo made an activity where the three of them became close again. Moreover, there are several scenes of the three fighting over heirlooms. However, during the fight, the three of them care about each other. Hong Joo helps Lee Yeon and Lee Yeon revive Moo Yeong with the help of the Goddess of Fortune at the end of the episode.

Even though Moo Yeong had stolen the heirloom that was Lee Yeon's job, the two of them did not have any grudges. Hong Joo, Lee Yeon, and Moo Yeong care about each other. The three of them protect each other. The readiness of one sentence if the three of them are united, all enemies can be finished.

Love Sees Nothing

In the session, there are unique things. Lee Rang's love story with Jang Yeo Hee intertwined so quickly. This started when Yeo Hee dressed Lee Rang while at the boutique. Then, meet at a hotel. Their love story is so absurd. After all Lee Rang is a Nine-tailed fox. Meanwhile, Yeo Hee is a mermaid. Many viewers turn to their children if the two get married. However, from this story, one can take a lesson if love sees nothing. Although in this case, Yeo Hee first fell in love with Lee Rang.

Rating : 8/10


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