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Have you ever started a movie that you begin to feel different emotions before getting to a substantial part of the movie. That was how I felt while watching the movie Perfect Marriage Revenge. After I finished my last Korean series (A shop for killers), which was action-packed, I felt like I needed something less intense and soft. I then settled for Perfect Marriage Revenge. This movie has been in my TBW (To-Be-Watched) list ever since it aired but I couldn't get around to watching it.


Perfect Marriage Revenge is a 12 episode Korean series of about 70 minutes each, starring Jung Yoo-min (Han Yi-Joo) and Sung Hoon (Seo Do-Guk). It is a television series written by Im Seo-ra and directed by Oh Sang-won.

The series originally set in 2023 shows where Han Yi-Joo, the eldest adopted daughter of the Han lineage who is treated coldly and is not shown care, puts in a lot of effort to earn her family's love and approval. Most especially, that of her mother, Lee Jung-hye, who uses that opportunity to make her create imitations of famous paintings.

However, Yi-joo is devastated when she discovers that her adoptive mother, Lee Jung-hye, has been selling the imitations to clients as authentic works of art and framing her for the fraud. The same day, Yi-joo also learns that her husband, Yoo Se-hyuk, didn't marry her because he loved her but married her so he could be close to her sister whom he is in love with.

Heartbroken, Yi-joo flees and is involved in a devastating car crash. Although she survives, she is later killed by Jung-hye's assistant while in the hospital. Miraculously, she wakes up in 2022, one year prior to the accident, still engaged. Determined to seek revenge on her family and fiancé, she approaches Seo Do-guk, the man her younger sister likes, and proposes to him.

However, he agrees to marry her on one condition: she must gain his grandmother's trust. In the course of the series, she gradually uncovers the truth about her family's deceit and Se-hyuk's (her ex-fiance) affair. She also starts to realize that Do-guk is a genuine, kind person who cares for her and has no intention of betraying her. As she develops genuine feelings for him, she realizes the need for a happy future.


The drama had such a beautiful storyline which any kdrama fan would find satisfying. The male lead most especially. His character was so sweet. He had me giggling and blushing for the female lead so many times. I couldn't even keep track of the number of times I shouted 'GREEN FLAG' while watching the movie. Yeah, it was that intense. The cast really did their job well.

Another thing I loved about the movie was the visuals. It was all so nice and I loved it. I'm a lover of bright and clear scenes because they don't warrant me straining my eyes to get the hang of what is going on. The movie had a very nice video quality and I loved it for that.

Although it was a really nice drama, there were some things I noticed that shouldn't have been when it comes to television series. One, being that the first episode of this movie really tempted me to just drop it and head on to another kdrama as the female lead was so naive and couldn't see what was evident in front of her. I found it really annoying. I would not lie. Though, all my anger towards the series dissipated the moment I got to the last few minutes in the first episode. The main character finally picked up and began to act smartly which made me start feeling the vibe of the drama. I feel they could have given the first episode more attractive scenes so viewers don't get uninterested before getting way into the movie.

Aside that, I also found the introduction of a new plot twist at every episode tiring. We were still unraveling secrets and finding twists at the second to the last episode of the series. In trying to introduce new twists every now and then, there were some scenes I deemed unnecessary and unfit for the whole point of the movie.

Overall, I would rate the series a 4.5/5 as it completely served it's sole purpose which is entertainment. Its a series worth watching and I absolutely loved it.

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