Review/ Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

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Movie name : Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
IMDB rating : 6.7
Personal rating : 9
Year: 2009

Every eight years a special event is held at Pixie Hollow. At the event, each type of fairy creates a fall scepter topped with a precious and fragile moonstone. During a special autumn full moon, the moon turns blue. And from the light of the blue moon, the moonstone makes blue pixie dust which is used as the main raw material for making golden pixie dust. Fairies can fly with the help of this golden pixie dust. So this blue pixie dust is an essential ingredient for fairies.

I have already said that every eight years on this occasion different types of fairies mix their hearts to make these sceptres, like water nymphs are one, light nymphs are another..... This time the tinker nymphs are responsible for making the scepter. And Tink is selected as the most talented tinker fairy. Tink is very excited to make this scepter. And to help him in this work comes a dust male fairy (although male fairies are called sparrowman in the movie) named Terrence. Terrence and Tink are very good friends, but due to excessive tension and work pressure, Tink suddenly becomes upset with Terrence. Again and again he failed to make his sceptre. Tink then tells Terrence to get something sharp. After a while he brings a broken round compass that has the sharp thing Tink needs but Tink doesn't see it and fights with Terrence in a huge rage.

Terrence storms out of Tink's house in anger and pride. Tink pushes the compass away as Terrence leaves. Read that compass at all... on that moonstone. It breaks as usual. Tink gets very tensed. He tries to glue it together but it won't stick anymore.

What will Tink do now? Can Tink ever pair this moonstone? What adventure will Tink face while making a scepter with this broken moonstone? How does Tink make the scepter? Will Tink and Terrence's friendship ever be the same again? You have to watch the movie to know.

There will be no talk about the background music of the movie just....extreme. And Demi Lovato's beautiful song "Gift of a Friend" at the end of the movie that I still hum sometimes. Overall, I liked the movie a lot. Hope you like it too.
Happy watching.

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