The Beekeeper

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Our nation is not unlike a beehive, with its complex systems of workers, caretakers, and even royalty. If any of the beehive’s complex mechanisms are compromised, the hive collapses.

So true. Wouldn’t you say?

In fact, most of the movie’s dialogue is quite wise. But the plot? Nah— not that standard as expected. Once again, like always, it’s my opinion and I do not represent the masses.

So, after being hyped too much for the movie, like seeing the advertisement in almost every bus around the block, I thought it’d be a hell of a movie. Yeah, the hell with that. Perhaps, the reason for such hype is none but Jason Statham himself, who somehow manages to turn serenity into mayhem. Good for action film lovers. But when the mechanism fails, even he cannot save the show. Forget the box office, even the worst of the movies make a breakthrough these days. But if you consider mass reception, I think The Beekeeper might fall short. After all, only violence and action figures don’t make a movie worth talking about.

Well, quite the opposite I did so far— ranting about the film rather than bringing the interesting sides forth first. Sorry about that. The outburst of sheer disappointment, what else can I do?

But that doesn’t mean the whole movie is crap. The story is quite promising, well, in the beginning. Also, the theme— bees and hive, queens and workers; they signify something more important than being complex, something sinister. I liked how the comparison is set, between beehive and society. It’s true indeed. The queen is all in a beehive and it’s amazing how others follow her blindly— working their ass off to feed the offspring. But, it’s legit without them the queen is nothing. Quite similar to the political stance in our society, yet, somehow our ‘queens’ and ‘kings’ managed to establish themselves as gods instead of mere human beings— bow before the power, eh?

On the brighter side, this could be a perfect family drama fueled with revenge. It’s more or less like that, but, who else is getting much attention except the hero? Not even the villains. As if Jason Statham is the solution, also, he is the problem.

Exaggerated, isn’t it?

Think about all the action scenes, I mean if you’ve watched it already, aren’t they biased? No one stands a chance when it comes to Statham; the beekeeper. A one-man commando wracking havoc on phishing call centres. No witness, no evidence even if multi-billion dollar buildings are gone ashes. And his ex-friends turn into enemies in a matter of seconds. How hilarious!

But I love the spirit of the director. Like he did in the Suicide Squad. Putting some maniacs together to go all kaboom. Well played David Ayer, but hardcore actions don’t always get the blast. Anyway, I liked Suicide Squad quite a lot. What he could do here is merge the violent scenes into the line of some senses, perhaps, some purposes. And like the hero, the mighty commando, we could have some villains equally deadly; not some funky weirdos.

Sorry, but I give it 5/10. Not sure on what basis but that’s it— I didn’t like it. It’s better to watch The Penguins of Madagascar animated series on Amazon Prime than wasting time on Mr. Beekeeper. Rico does it better.

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Thank you for the honest review and also making sure that you did not sabotage the movie
I like that!


I'm glad you liked it, thanks for your time reading this.