A few thoughts on the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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So the Queen of Britain died on Thursday 8th September, in the late afternoon, you could hardly miss this from the media reaction....

BBC 1...


All the way to Channel 5...


OK so I guess this was always going to happen - a blanket wash of 'no news' coverage featuring images of the crowds and painfully vacuous royal correspondents commentating on Elizabeth's tireless use of

No surprise on the Discourse...

Of course this wasn't a shock, we all knew she was in fading health at 96 years of age, and most of the very repetitive commentary focused on her...

  • sense of duty
  • humility
  • tireless sense of service
  • her constant and reassuring presence for 70 years.


With images of her mainly from the last few years at various State events, and some images of her 1950s coronation.

Obviously these stock news items have been waiting in the wings for years, ready for release whenever this happened.

Top ridiculous comment...

Just after her death when I think a bit of ad-lib was going on one BBC commentator mentioned that her death would add to 'the sense of flux' we're facing in the UK with a new government literally just a few days ago, the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine...

Hmmm, not sure this is really in the same league, matey!

It's sad but no big deal for me

I'm not a royalist, I don't do idol worship, I never knew The Queen personally - so while I recognise that the death of an individual is something sad, for me personally this has very little emotional consequence.

I'll need to keep my head down and the media off for a few weeks

I am aware that there are several people, mostly with lower levels of or no education, who will be making a big deal out of the death of a monarch.

I just need to to NOT see any of this and keep myself to myself, it'll just wind me up.

Give it a month and it'll be a great time rant up the Republican campaign....

I'm not a royalist, but NOW really isn't the time to be down on the monarchy, people won't be in a listening mood.

Let them have their month or so to mourn this very popular monarch.

Then, once memories start to fade and King Charles and his 'fake queen' are on the throne who are nowhere near as popular as Elizabeth, then it's time to push on with any kind of campaign to reduce funding for the monarchy and push towards republicanism.

I mean, this is ascribed-status and centuries of wealth built on colonialism - the institution needs burying asap and now that time is almost ripe!

But for now I don't mind a bit of reflection...

I mean fair play, Elizabeth did work hard for her entire life and she seems to have been a reasonable human being as an individual, and she did mean a lot to a lot of people, so I don't mind a bit of national reflection and mourning for a while!

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I'm no monarchist, but she has been a major figure for many decades. Only a few remember a time before her. I think hereditary monarchy is ridiculous, but it's part of our history. I feel a bit sorry for them as they are so restricted, even though they live in luxury. Some of her family have just messed things up a bit. You can't chose your family and she didn't chose to be Queen.

Life will go on.


The death of the Queen brought up a lot of stories I didn't even know about. The media did save those stories for a time like this.

Especially the messed up part of her family.

About restrictions and the lots. I guess this is the part where luxury comes with lots of strings.

And I agree, the queen didn't choose her family and now that she's late, life will surely go on.

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Yes true, the media's been a bit OTT today, I'm looking forward to it all dying down, no pun intended (honest!)


We've got at least until the funeral and coronation are done. There's only so much they can say about her. I'm sure she was a lovely lady, but so is my mum.


I think this is all going to backfire, 40% the population don't even want a monarchy. The media just reflect the older conservative point of view which is much more pro-monarchy.


It's one of those things where the press don't dare take a difference view. But then some of the gutter press keep attacking some royals and not always those who deserve it. It's all a soap opera really.


mmm... I hope my post didn't make too big a deal of it, but then I don't consider myself lower level and I do have a couple of university degrees...


I know there's a lot of positive feeling towards The Queen, but the whole idea of the Monarchy is just something that doesn't sit right with me at all.