Back to the Dreaded T.V...


So one of the reasons I recently took out a MEO subscription was because I get a mega T.V. package along with my fibre optic broadband and mobile phone data for about the same price as I had been paying for my stupid multiple phone contracts.

And the main reason I wanted/ want a T.V. subscription is so i can have Portuguese T.V. on in the background and just sort of let the language wash over me to help me learn it.


I know my level!

I'm still hopeless at Portuguese - I know why - it's because I don't speak it - and that is because I generally don't speak much - I mean I'm not THAT social and I don't do small talk - that's just me - and I'm not about to magically transform myself into a socialite just so I can practice.

But I would like to be able to understand and communicate more effectively when I have to, and so I figure the T.V. is my best option.

It's actually a guilty pleasure of mine - just idling in front of the T.V. - and what better excuse than using it to help me with a new language which I'll probably NEVER learn but I can kid myself, well it's worth a try!

Of course I could just use the laptop and get T.V. on that but it's not the same as having a decent 32 inch Smart T.V.

Oh, I actually had to buy this T.V. - I thought I was getting one free with my contract, but I opted for a 12 month discount instead, I thought I was getting both, but there you go.

It was only £150 ANYWAY, for quite a nice T.V. Odd to think that nowadays I can rock up to a supermarket and just buy a T.V. on the fly.

It's quite novel - for the first time ever rolling 24 hour news which repeats every hour feels like it's got a purpose.....

When you don't speak the language very well that constant repetition is really really useful - you can kind of fill in the gaps more each time.

And those sub titles are quite useful.

Of course I don't just sit here and watch and that's it. I do other stuff while it's on, and occasionally tune my attention into it - I must be doing something right after a couple of hours of this I have a mild headache.

At least I think that's a good thing, or maybe that's the FEDs brainwashing me between the pixels!?


Your social activities in regards to socializing with others sound allot like mine.

Good idea with the T.V. helping you to learn.


Yeah I'm quite happy keeping myself to myself for the most part!