Gordon Ramsey's Feed My Ego Show (#FFS)....


Oh wow look! There's Gordon jumping out of a helicopter into the sea off the coast of Cornwall

So starts episode one of Gordon Ramsey's Future Food Stars - as the contestants stand around on the beach witnessing Gordon's wet-suited entrance to HIS new show.


The format of the show is basically 'The Apprentice Does Food' - in which 12 food entrepreneurs compete in various challenges to win a $150K investment from Gordon.

But not only is Gordon cheaper than Alan Sugar, unlike the later who takes a back-seat in the process and merely judges at the end of the challenges Gordon Ramsey is fucking everywhere in this show, front and centre for the most part.

So much so I'm left with the impression that this show is really a vessel for promoting Gordon's brand and ego with a light misting of a competition for an investment on the top.

'Oh look.. there's Gordon... riding around on a quad bike during the 'Forest Feast Challenge'

Oh look... there's Gordon... driving up to the hatch in his 4WD and climbing through the self-service window to halt the service in the Fast Food challenge.'

Oh look... there's Gordon hanging out and having lunch with the founder of Deliveroo on the 'food delivery challenge'...

And did you know (during the 'promote veganism on social media challenge' that Gordon's the most followed chef on social media with 90M followers...?

Gordon blindfolding himself before he shows off his fish filleting abilities.

While we do get a minimal introduction to the contestants and what they do for their main businesses and while (in fairness) most of the show is focussed on the teams of contestants battling it out in Gordon's challenges, there is ALSO A LOT OF GORDON...

Somehow I managed to watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of this and all the way up the final episode there was hardly any focus on the contestants' businesses BUT PLENTY OF FOCUS on Gordon Fucking Ramsay (he can hardly object to me swearing).

In fairness I've got hand it to Gordon, he managed to milk this show for all it's worth for self-promotion.

And in fairness again the show does redeem the balance in the last episode, when FINALLY Gordon becomes almost invisible and the final three contestants are front and centre showing off what their own brands are about.

And I was a little surprised in his final choice, well it was one of two, but I thought he was going to go the other way!

But I think he made the right choice, and I'm sure we'll be seeing HIS name ALL OVER HER BRAND at some point later on this year!


Isn't this what most mainstream entertainment's all about?

A suckfest of bloated ego-maniacs selling the concepts of innovation, the nurturing of "up and comings", trendy fads, cringy humour, and "philanthropy"?

That's why i don't watch TV, fuck that bs.


Seems like you weren't a fan of the show :p

Is it on Netflix?


I'm not sure I've watched any of his shows. I'm not that into cooking and not that interested in hearing him swear at people. I'm sure plenty of people have the exact opposite response :)


I can just imagine for millions it's the perfect combination!

It was oddly compelling viewing!


I have plenty to watch for now :)


His agents / producers are milking his brand hard.

At the same time: I fucking love that guy.
Compared to most other celebrity/influencer/social media personalities he promotes the right values; hard work, reliability, honesty etc.