Emancipation - Movie Review

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Emancipation was an american movie that gave details on how President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Emancipation to end modern slavery in the US. The movie was directed and produced by Antoine Fuqua and Will smith. Emancipation was based on a true live story, featuring will smith as the main character appearing as peter.

From the story
It all boils down to January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed enslaved people in the rebellious states to be free. But in other parts of the country, blacks where still used as slaves, forcing them to work tiredlessly day and night. Most of the blacks that refuses to work either gets killed or punished. Trust me, running away during that time was a terrible idea. During this era, slaves were either sold, or exchange for other things.
Peter(Will smith), was taking away from his family, to go working in a site, building a track for the shipment of their white masters arms and ammunition. Although peter was very bold, which made his masters to hate him more. After listening to the conversation between his master about "What Abraham Lincoln was doing in other places( releasing of prisoners )" , he planned on escaping with three other slaves to Abraham Lincoln's camp.
The perfect opportunity came, when he had to kill two of his master, causing escalation of violence among slaves and their masters. So many slaves like Peter and his friends got away, while some got killed. After days of running, getting chased by the white men, peter was able to get into the camp of Abraham Lincoln (Support group).
Getting into the camp seems to be a short time of relieve, but he was told to join the local army squad, to go fighting the enslavers. The movie later ended with a war between Abraham Lincoln's army and the enslavers, which gave black people the freedom they are enjoining today. Peter was able to reunite with his family.

In conclusion
The movie was very interesting, that i had to recommend it to a friend of mine studying english and literature. Emancipation has proven, that we all have equal rights in life, no matter the race, skill colour, culture, etc.

Thanks for reading, please do well to follow me.

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